Anorak News | 50 Shades of Grey Balls sparks huge drop in birth rate

50 Shades of Grey Balls sparks huge drop in birth rate

by | 11th, February 2015

The Daily Star has a story that “300,000 set to get pregnant” as the 50 Shades of Grey film hits the national libido.


50 shades of grey pregnant



(The woman on the left is Miley Cyrus, who is neither in the film nor pregnant.)

The story goes:

50 Shades sparks baby boom: Valentine’s sex-fest predicted to leave hospitals struggling

Predicted by whom?


Ah! The experts.

….claim as many as 300,000 UK women could fall pregnant after watching the sizzling bonk-buster with their lovers this weekend.

That sounds like a lot of impregnation.

Last night top academic Ellis Cashmore, a professor of sociology at Aston University, warned Britain’s lust-crazed couples are a ticking time bomb. He said: “Fifty Shades has could reignite passions, with obvious consequences.”

Whip marks? Deep lacerations? Self-combustion?

Professor Cashmore warned the tot tsunami is now unavoidable, comparing it to booms sparked by the German World Cup in 2006 and US superstorm Hurricane Sandy in 2012…
And not to mention those other big events, like blackouts, 9/11, early morning trains and ‘nothing on the telly’.

A boom not seen since…2012, when Marie Claire magazine reported:

The Fifty Shades of Grey craze has had a massive impact on our lives, and now it seems some sociologists are holding the raunchy book responsible for the biggest baby boom in forty years. It’s also predicted that a large number of the babies who will be born this year will be born in February – directly correlating with the large sales spike of the book last May.
The Evening Standard reported:

That’s right, 2013 is set to be a bumper year for bumps, with a large proportion due to hatch in February, directly correlating to the Fifty Shades of Grey sales spike in May 2012.

Or as the BBC put it:
The number of births in England and Wales fell in 2013 by the largest annual amount in nearly 40 years, official figures show.
No kiuds means more tiem for hanky-panky. It’s the 50 Shades of Grey No-Baby Boom!

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