Anorak News | Muslim ‘parasites’ and Jewish ‘Hitlers’ blamed for Islington Council’s ‘ban on pork’

Muslim ‘parasites’ and Jewish ‘Hitlers’ blamed for Islington Council’s ‘ban on pork’

by | 16th, February 2015

News that Islington Council (Labour) “banned” pork from primary schools in the London borough thrilled the media. The story that Muslims and Jews had forced all kids to miss out on pork sausages and any other way you can slice and dice Peppa Pig was an affront to lunch and British values.

The story isn’t true. Islington has not banned pork. If you want it, your school has to ask for it. It is not served as a matter of routine. But nit is not “banned”.

Daily Star readers were quick to latch on to the story that began in the Islington Gazette. The Gazette’s scoop featured not a single word from a Muslim or Jew. And no other papers sought to update that glaring omission.


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In the Daily Star, once proud supporters of the EDL, the story contained not one word from an anti-pork Jew or Muslim. And the comments are not exactly reasoned:





Jews will be relieved to hear that they no longer caused World War 2 and now realise that the lack of chopsticks and not guns was the barrier to defeating the Nazis and smashing the ghettoes.

Muslims are sub-human, raw and decaying flesh feeders. They won’t eat pork, but they might eat you.

And it’s all part of a wider problem. First they came for our sausages:.






London Evening Standard readers also respond to the news story – a story that contained not a single word from a Muslim or Jew.


pork ban islington 2.


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The Islington Gazette airs similar views from its readers:


pork ban


Happily, over in the Telegraph, there is a voice of reason:




There is no evidence that a Jew or a Muslim asked for this “ban” on pork.

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