Anorak News | Baby throttling in Boots is ok so long as you don’t shoplift

Baby throttling in Boots is ok so long as you don’t shoplift

by | 18th, February 2015

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The Daily Mirror leads with the terrifying news that the “BOOTS BABY STRANGLER” is at large.

CCTV footage captured the woman leaning into a stranger’s pram in a central London branch of Boots the chemist and, reportedly, saying “That baby would rather be dead”. The woman placed her hand on the one-year-old boy’s throat for around a second.

You can watch the vide on the Mirror’s website – right after an advert for bondage film 50 Shades of Grey has rolled by.

The Guardian merely slaps its logo over the free police tape:




The Daily Mail says dramatically:

The stranger grabbed hold of the one-year-old and throttled him

You might suppose that after such an unusual and horrible thing, the Boots security would detain the woman and call the police. But no. She was merely walked from the store.
The Evening Standard notes:

The store manager, who did not want to be named, said: “The woman just came up from behind in the aisle and leant in. The security guard then came and asked what was going on and the woman said something like ‘that baby doesn’t deserve to be alive’. The security guard then kicked her out. She would not make any eye contact.”

A security guard, who had been following the woman inside the store, led her outside before she walked away toward Trafalgar Square.

Can it be that baby throttling is not as high on the list of Boots offences as shoplifting?


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