Anorak News | Skilled police smell marijuana inside drug driver’s anus

Skilled police smell marijuana inside drug driver’s anus

by | 18th, February 2015

Winfred Alphonso McAllister Jr.


This is one of those drugs bust stories that makes you wonder.

It was 12:30am in Gainesville, USA, when police spotted a car. The driver, one Winfred Alphonso McAllister Jr., 23, had moved his red Mitsubishi Galant into the left turn-only lane and back into his original lane twice, according to a police report.

We wonder why? Why did McAllister swerve? Was it because he was intoxicated? Or was it because he had spotted the police and was rearranging his stash?

Police pulled him over. They claimed to detect the stench of marijuana.

McAllister said that could be the residual pong of the weed he’d smoked earlier. McAllister stepped out of the car. And now we wonder because an officer said he could still smell something.

So. He searched McAllister and found a bag of marijuana inside his anus.

That sure is some nose the copper has. If weed were like truffles, he’s earn a fortune.

The same officer than noticed McAllister was hiding something in his mouth. The officer forced him to spit. Out popped a plastic bag with crack inside.Yeah. He had crack insider his mouth but none in his pants.




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