Anorak News | BBC pundit Robbie Savage is forced to seek refuge in his Bentley

BBC pundit Robbie Savage is forced to seek refuge in his Bentley

by | 27th, February 2015

Robbie Savage, the Match of the Day pundit – your tax pounds at work, readers – has escaped a driving ban.

Savage was recorded rocketing along the A1 in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, at 99mph.

The Sun reports:

“His lawyer Philip Morris begged for him to be spared a ban, saying: ‘When you are in the public eye and have to offer opinion on people’s football teams you are regularly accosted out in public. Someone once described him as being like Marmite — you either love him or hate him.’”



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Chris at Pies takes up the story:

According to The Sun’s report, Savage told the court that he is already regularly heckled in the street by football fans and that his Bentley is one of the few “safe havens” he has left in this world. Yes, the kind of “safe haven” that’s capable of barrelling along at 99mph without a care for anyone or anything outside it.

Anyway, the defence was miraculously successful and Savage escaped with a £600 fine and three points on his licence.

This is Savage who saw Luis Suarez nibble a Serb and opined:

“We were watching in disbelief. The red mist came down and to do that to a fellow professional is shocking and disgraceful. I’ve defended Luis Suarez at times but you cannot defend that. The evidence is conclusive…”

That was indefensible, according to Savage.

Maybe Suarez should have argued that the great unwashed made him do it.

Why do they stare, Robbie? Why?

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