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Liverpool balls: Steven Gerrard and the Rochdale paedo

by | 1st, March 2015

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard apepars on the Daily Star cover. The story is is of a “troll’s sick post” about his daughter:




What did this sicko say to warrant front-page exposure?

The Rochdale youth player posted the vile remarks under an online snap of the Liverpool captain with his youngest girl Lourdes. Reds ace Gerrard captioned the Instagram picture: “My World.”

But the young footballer then wrote: “I’d bang your girl Stevie.”

Yeah. But what did the “sick troll” say? Oh, that was it.

The comment provoked uproar from fans who branded the youth – a rising star tipped for the top – a paedophile.

This youth player is a teenager. And, you know, teenagers says stupid things. They say things that they hope will cause offence. But in these offence-seeking times teenager’s quip is a police matter:

Police were also called but said they could take no action unless Gerrard reported the incident. The troll, who we cannot name for legal reasons, removed the taunt but his club are close to showing him the exit door.

Wow! Just wow!

A source at Rochdale said: “He’s landed himself in hot water as his comments have brought the club into disrepute. A fair few people were appalled and reacted angrily by ringing the club. There were calls for him to be kicked out but that hasn’t happened yet. He may escape with a suspension and a fine but he’ll be a lucky boy if he does.”

Yeah. Lucky boy. Next time just scrawl it on the toilet wall…

As for Rochdale paedos, well, the outraged might be looking in the wrong place.

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