Anorak News | Jihadi John: Anders Breivik and Emwazi were both excellent workers

Jihadi John: Anders Breivik and Emwazi were both excellent workers

by | 2nd, March 2015

The IT crowd

The IT crowd


The Sun has news on Jihadi John. His father, Jasem Emwazi, 51, “has not been seen at his family home in Queen’s Park, North West London, since Mohammed Emwazi was identified as the Islamic State serial killer”. This is because, says the Sun, he’s in Kuwait.

A Kuwaiti “source” tells the paper:

“Security agencies have taken the necessary measures to monitor him and relatives round the clock.”

Why? In case they write Dear John letters? Emwazi’s family are not on trial. Emwazi is. The Guardian adds:

Emwazi’s immediate family are from Kuwait, and his father Jassem, mother Ghaneyah, and eldest brother Omar were on Sunday taken in for routine questioning by Kuwaiti authorities.

We might look at what happened to Jens Breivik, the father of Anders Behring Breivik after his son murdered 77 people in Norway. He told Rod Liddle:

“And of course he had huge respect for al-Qaeda. He thought they were very efficient and he admired the way they worked.”

And there is Agnar Aspaas, one of the two psychiatrists who assessed the mass murderer:

“He was very polite. A little too polite. Too pleasing… A huge amount of narcissism. A lot. He wanted people to admire him. And self-righteousness, and a lack of empathy, although he could understand how much he had harmed other people… The narcissism! Did you see those uniforms, those medals, he wore in court? He was posing. It was grandiose.”


It might just be that Mohammed Emwazi is a mentally negligible nutcase who found a peer group?



And the defence calls his former boss at a Kuwaiti IT company, where Emwazi worked for three months in 2010.

 “He was the best employee we ever had. He was very good with people. Calm and decent. He came to our door and gave us his CV. How could someone as calm and quiet as him become like the man who we saw on the news? It’s just not logical that he could be this guy.”

Never one did he arrive at work and slice anyone’s head off for using his mug in the staff canteen or set fire to a customer.  Just like Breivik, Emwazi was great at his simple job.

“We never saw him again,” said his boss. But he did send us back his SIM card in the post.”

It’s John. Honest John. And if you run the SIM under the tap, the blood will wash off.


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