Anorak News | Talking balls: Arsenal war chest swells to £267.55m

Talking balls: Arsenal war chest swells to £267.55m

by | 13th, March 2015

Talking Balls: just how large is Arsenal’s “war chest”?

On March 111 2015, Sami Mokbel told Daily Mail readers that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will “target a central defender, a holding midfielder and a goalkeeper this summer with a £50million transfer war chest.”

On Febraury 20, 2012, the Metro said Arsenal had a “£55m war chest

On 9th September 2009, the Daily Telegraph said Arsenal had a “£60m war chest“.

In April 2014, the Metro said Arsene Wenger had been “handed a £70million transfer war chest“.

On January 28 2014, The Irish Independent said Wenger had been handed a “£80m war chest“.

That same day the Daily Star talked of Arsenal’s £100m war chest“.

Now let’s see how much Arsenal spent on players in those years. These figures are for net spend.

2009:  -£31m

2012:  -£17.55m


Taking the highest figures suggested by the Press and factoring in the money Arsenal actually spent, that Transfer war chest should be:

2009: £60m plus 31m

2012: £55m plus £17.55m

2014: £100m minus £46m

That gives Arsenal a war chest of £217.55m

Add that to the £50m war chest Arsenal have this summer coming and Wenger has £267.55m to spend.

Yes, you can carry forward unspent ‘war chest’ booty but the Press don’t say that. They say that eash year the money is a new windfall.


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