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Madeleine McCann: British police baffled why they are looking for her

by | 18th, March 2015

Maddie Mccann huntMadeleine McCann peers out from the front-page of the Daily Star. The familiar picture of the holidaymaker who became ‘Our Maddie illustrates the still more familiar story that there is no news.

The headline (“MADDIE – CALL OFF HUNT, WE NEED COPS IN UK”) looks at how the £10m spent in finding out what happened to the child occupies 31 Met police detectives. The Star says these resources are “ring-fenced”, preventing the Maddie cops from working on other cases, such as the “14 unconnected killings” across London.

Readers are told that officers are “baffled” why so many police are on one case that has so far turend up not a single clue, no evidence and zero proof as to what happned to the child.

Metropolitan Police Federation chairman John Tully says:

“It is time to refocus…we no longer have the resources to  conduct special inquiries all over the world which have nothing to do with London… But we have £600m of cuts… It is surprising to see an inquiry like the McCann investigation ring-fenced… there is resentment of significant resources  diverted to a case that has no apparent connection with London.”

His grumble is more to do with falling police investment than the  McCann case. But £10m is a fortune for a case that has progressed not one inch.

But it won’t stop. Not now…


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