Anorak News | The monstering of David Nicholson: spanking the Basingstoke headmaster

The monstering of David Nicholson: spanking the Basingstoke headmaster

by | 18th, March 2015

sam fox the sun

Former Sun stalwart Sam Fox in class


Day 2 of the Sun’s monstering of David Nicholson, the Basingstoke school headmaster accused of using school computers to contact prostitutes. Having read that Mr Nicholson never did have sex or spank either of the women he allegedly contacted on school time, we learn on page 12:

“Hookers head shocks mums”

Are those the mums into 50 Shades of spanking or all mums? Afte rall, it was the Sun that reported: “SEX-MAD Brits can’t wait to watch Fifty Shades Of Grey – so they can copy the kinky moves back in their own bedrooms.”

Jonathan Reilly writes, “PARENTS reacted with shock after a head was suspended for sending X-rated messages to two escorts on his school email.”

Shock that such a small story – a thought offence – could ruin a man’s career?

They spoke of their horror yesterday after The Sun revealed David Nicholson arranged a schoolgirl-themed threesome.

The story of the alleged threesome involved two women in their early 20s, spanking, school uniforms and racy text messages. And no sex. As David Nicholson wallows on gardening leave and addresses his wife and kids, one mum tells the paper:

“It’s awful, especially as I have a young daughter.”

Her daughter is seven. The leap from spanking a consenting adult prostitute who freely dresses as a school girl is now linked to paedophilia. Wow!

One student tweeted: “To think I’ve shaken his hand and had fortnightly meetings with him.”

And never once had a single problem.

Another added: “Now I’m ashamed to say I attend the Costello School.”

It’s worth remindng anyone talking to the Sun what has appeared in that newspaper:


David Nicholson the sun costello school


And these fine adverts:


the sun schoolgirl


And “girls”:

the sun girls


The Sun might not be the best newspaper to slam a man for thinking women in school uniform are sexy…


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