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Kickstarter: polish a turd with the Poop ‘n Pull Potty trainer

by | 25th, March 2015

Poop 'n Pull.

Best wash your hands before yanking that chain, kids


Mums and dads are invited to “turn your child’s potty training milestone into a fun, interactive and successful experience”.

But how can you polish a turd? Why, with Poop ‘n Pull. The Ultimate Potty Training Experience.

Heather & Josh Moffatt want to talk crap with you.

We want to use Kickstarter to help other parents share the incredible success we’ve seen with the Poop ‘n Pull Potty Training Experience.

The Mofatts strained and strained and trained. But nothing.

We spent over a year attempting to potty train our son with little success and a lot of frustration.

We don’t get to know how old Moffatt Junior is, but we’re guessing 15.

Two days after we created the Poop ‘n Pull, our son couldn’t wait to go on the potty…

More prune juice please, mommy. And figs. And can you make some branburgers?

Using a reward system is the most common and practical way to potty train a child, but it’s important to do it right. The Poop ‘n Pull experience is different from all other potty training products out there… The system for getting the reward should be fun and interactive. (The child and parent will decorate the Poop ‘n Pull and read the original book, “Whales Wear Underwear” to make the experience uniquely theirs. Your Little Pooper will get excited to interact with THEIR Poop ‘n Pull and Lil Squirt’s Adventures every time).

Whales wear underwear because they’ve got squirty, runny bottoms.

The Poop ‘n Pull comes with 10 refillable capsules that allow you to choose the best reward for your Little Pooper. Whether it’s a sweet treat, a small toy, a sticker or something else, you get to customize the perfect experience.

A cork. A plug. A hard-boiled egg.

If you thought, like we did, that the Moffatts were a comedy act, their Kickstters showcases a few testimonials:

“I think this might be magic, because we have tried EVERYTHING else to get him to use the potty and nothing else has worked. So far it has been 3 days with clean pants. My husband and I could not be happier! Thank you very much.” – Alison Brown, Tampa, Florida

“Son loved it! In fact, my husband ordered a second one as self rewarding program at his office” – Nicole Cole, Snohamish, Washington

“Genius! Thank you!” – Molly Nixon, Cedar Springs, Michigan

“The Poop ‘n Pull is amazing!! We would definitely recommend it to anyone who is currently potty-training or planning to do so in the future! The Poop ‘n Pull produced results fast… This is the perfect gift for anyone who is expecting a baby or potty-training@!”  – The Hieberts, Denver, Colorado.

So. If you want to invest in a crap product, go right ahead. One try and, like a dog with diarrhea on a sandy beach, you will never look back…



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