Anorak News | Andreas Lubitz: framed by callous liars and saved only by the Facebook truthers

Andreas Lubitz: framed by callous liars and saved only by the Facebook truthers

by | 1st, April 2015

Andreas Lubitz framed facebook


Andreas Lubitz has tumbled down the news cycle.

The Sun waits until page 27 to report on the Germanwings co-pilot who was at the controls when the plane slammed into an Alpine mountain killing all 150 people on board.

The “maniac” is the subject of a story that he is “no devil”. The paper spots the Facebook page ‘We are against the Witchhhunt’. All evidence seen to date points towards Lubitz having committed mass murder. But the Sun picks up on “local media” who say he could have suffered a heart attack. But that is not investigated.

The Mail picks up the same Facebook story and notes:

Friends of killer pilot Andreas Lubitz claim he is being framed for murder as part of an elaborate cover-up by his airline company to hide mechanical faults with the plane.

That would be an elaborate cover-up that has so far revealed Andreas Lubitz was passed fit to pilot a commercial airline depsite a history of poor mental health, failing eyesight and suicidal tendencies. As conspiracies go, it’s more akin to dog sat by a steaming turd than the faked 1969 moon landings.

The Mirror quotes Wolfgang Michales, 50, a designer, who lives close to the family home Lubitz shared with dad Gunter, mum Urusula and a younger brother, who says: “I feel for his parents. First they learn they have lost their son, then this. How could the authorities be so sure?”

Well, they can’t be.

But in hoping to salvage a reputation mired in mass murder, the Facebookers’ theory rests on the idea that Lubitz is innocent and everyone else is a liar who refuses to tell the truth even when faced with the horror of 149 victims and their grieving loved ones.

That’s a pretty far-fetched and insulting premise…


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