Anorak News | Police arrest Easter Bunny for distributing meth

Police arrest Easter Bunny for distributing meth

by | 5th, April 2015

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A bad egg and its mule


One more reason to mistrust the Easter Bunny: Police in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, parade one Easter Bunny stuffed with $30,000 worth of meth.

If there was one holiday creation you’d suspect of drugs dealing, it would be the Easter Bunny.





Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King tells media:


“We’ve intercepted narcotics in the mail before. The Easter Bunny I thought was a strange touch. A hole was cut into the bottom of the rabbit and we found quite the surprise waiting inside. There were two condoms and meth stuffed inside the rabbit. It’s not the prize egg that we want in Tahlequah. We didn’t know who at the home would receive the meth or if they knew what they were receiving. We got a plain white van, drove to the residence and served an anticipatory warrant on the resident.”

One Carolyn Ross accepted the bunny. She has, reportedly, confessed to being on a drugs dealing plot.

But the bunny has form.

In 20102, the Easter Bunny was arrested for the illegal possession of prescription narcotics. Joshua Lee Bolling was observed “acting suspicious” in his downtime as the Piedmont Mall Easter Bunny.

Police reported:

His suspicious behavior took place while he was on breaks and not during his contact with children.

What, the massive bouncing bunny handing out munchies looked suspicious?

Well, if you say so, detective…


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