Anorak News | Passsive-aggressive bragging from Ben Fogle in the Sunday Times

Passsive-aggressive bragging from Ben Fogle in the Sunday Times

by | 5th, April 2015

Pippa Ben Fogle


The Sunday Times‘ “Relative Values” feature focues on famous relations. This week, the paper looks at TV presenter Ben Fogle and his father, Bruce. It features one of the most wonderful epsisode of passive-aggresive bragging we’ve seen for a long while.

Sasy Ben Fogle:

Mum and Dad never “bragged” about their life. Dad has written more than 50 books and got an MBE [for his work as co-founder of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People], but he always underplays his achievements. In that sense, I am definitely my father’s son. Even though I might be off to Outer Mongolia for a month, I don’t tell him because I don’t want him to think I’m bragging. I didn’t even tell him I got an invite to William and Kate’s wedding; I think he read about it in the newspapers. But what do you say? “I’m mates with William and Harry and I’ve been invited to the wedding.” I want Dad to be proud of me, but I don’t want to come across as arrogant or conceited. In retrospect, there are a few things I ought to have told him, and that was one of them.

Is he really “definitely his father’s son”..?

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