Anorak News | Joey Essex and Amy Childs woo young Thatcherites

Joey Essex and Amy Childs woo young Thatcherites

by | 6th, April 2015

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The Sun has secured two people to speak up for “hard-working Brits”. Miners, carehome workers, northerners, Jeremy Clarkson’s dry-cleaner and Kim Kardashian’s depilators were vusy, so they found the next best workaholics: Joey Essex and Amy Childs off TV’s The Only Way Is Essex.

Taking time out from their hectic working lives of eating kangaroo anus, being thick to deadline and tanning, Essex and Childs call for a change in politics.

The Sun think the country needs more influence from Essex man and woman. This is Sun politcs where The Only Party is Essex.

Joey Essex is using the election to focus minds on his ITV2 show Educating Joey Essex: General Election. He thinks all politicians are “kids” who need to “grow up”.

Joey, who while on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! vowed to “not confrontate people”, thinks politics works a bit like twitter: he endorses the Conservative or Labour Party, as he might a new brand of hair gel, and the cool kids follow.

In the ‘Amyfesto’, Childs would clamp down on “handouts”. She’d slash benefit by clamping down on “laziness”.

Who knew the spirt of Maggie Thatcher would live on in today’s youth. The Iron Lady is now the Iron ladygarden with vajazzling…

Vote now. And vote often!

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