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‘Gay’ Enoch Powell: The Satanic Abuse panic collides with the VIP peado hunt

by | 13th, April 2015

4th June 1975: Ulster Unionist politician and scholar Enoch Powell making a speech under a large arrow reading 'Out' beside a map of Britain.

4th June 1975: Ulster Unionist politician and scholar Enoch Powell making a speech under a large arrow reading ‘Out’ beside a map of Britain.


Westminster paedophiles: a look at reporting on the allegation VIPs abused children in the 1970s and 1980s.

The story of an establishment cover-up appears in not a single tabloid today. Nor did it feature yesterday. The story that was once front-page news is now sleeping.

The most recent story to feature in any national newspaper appeared on March 30 in the Independent. Readers learned that “Enoch Powell, the Conservative anti-immigrant firebrand, is being investigated as an alleged member of a claimed Westminster paedophile network after his name was supplied to police by a senior Anglican bishop.”

Enoch Powell is dead.

The story includes the phrase “ritual satanic abuse” – something that should make anyone who recalls the Orkney and Cleveland horrors shudder. Back then the creepy, sex-obssessed State ripped children from their parents. Tasked with finding Satanic abuse, the State found what they wanted to.

In the wake of the dawn raids by social workers in which a number of children were taken from homes in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, and the Orkney Islands, an inquiry was ordered by the Government. There were no prosecutions following the seizure of the children and suspicions grew about the actions of social workers. The inquiry found: “Too frequent interviewing, leading questions, contamination, pressure and inducements may have resulted from the anxiety of interviewers to have found out what happened.”

In Orkney, the children “had been subjected to cross-examinations designed to make them admit to being abused”.

So. Satanic abuse. What of it?

The Rt Rev Butler, who is the lead on safeguarding for the Church of England, contacted police after details of the allegations against the late Conservative politician were passed to him by a fellow clergyman, Dominic Walker, the former Bishop of Monmouth.

Well, if you can’t trust the Church to look after your kids, who can you trust? That question is addressed in today’s Telegraph:

Churches are still viewed as a “soft touch” by paedophiles hunting for new victims despite tightening up child protection measures after a flood of abuse scandals, one of Britain’s leading experts on the issue has warned.

Justin Humphreys, Head of Safeguarding at the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS), an independent body set up to combat clerical abuse, said convicted paedophiles often seek out places of worship on their release because of members’ belief in forgiveness.

Now back to the Indy’s report on Powell:

It is understood that the Rt Rev Walker first heard the claims when he was counselling young adults as a curate in the 1980s and claims were made that an unknown number of MPs had been involved in satanic cult-type abuse.

The claim was originally submitted to Operation Fernbridge, a police investigation into abuse related to the Elm Guest House in south west London which is at the centre of claims that it was used by powerful individuals during the 1970s and 1980s for organised sexual abuse. Fernbridge has now closed but allegations submitted to it remain the subject of other ongoing investigations…

In a statement, the Church of England said: “The name of Enoch Powell was passed to Operation Fernbridge by one of our safeguarding team on the instruction of Bishop Paul Butler.”


It is understood the allegations against Mr Powell came from a single individual…

And that’s enough for the dead man to be the subject of the headline:

Tory MP Enoch Powell investigated as alleged member of Westminster paedophile network

A single claim now marks you as part of a paedophile network. Maybe. Maybe not. Powell’s dead so write on:

It was revealed by a confidant after the death of the polyglot MP… that he had had at least one gay relationship, though this has been disputed.

Simon Heffer, who is Powell’s authorised biographer, told the Mail on Sunday, which revealed the claims against the former politician, that he considered them to be “absolute nonsense”.

But worth repeating.

The Birmingham Mail has more:

Enoch Powell sex abuse probe: Late Birmingham-born MP accused of being part of Westminster paedophile ring

The allegations of child abuse were reported to have emerged when the vicar counselled the young adult several decades ago. The church authorities have forwarded the information despite reportedly having no solid evidence to support the claims.

Though allegations of Satanic abuse were rife in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a Government inquiry failed to secure any convictions.

Such are the facts….

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