Anorak News | Spurs Balls: Kyle Walker is monitoring twitter for signs of idiocy

Spurs Balls: Kyle Walker is monitoring twitter for signs of idiocy

by | 26th, April 2015

Spurs and England footballer Kyle Walker is in the news for something he didn’t do. Someone told someone who told us that Kyle Walker was in the news. So. We looked at Google. And this is what we saw…


Kyle walker sick video lie


The video being shared on social media features, we’re told, a dog, a woman and a bed. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Walker. But a few bellends on twitter, reportedly, have tried to insult the Spurs defender by linking him to the video. Of course, they are wrong. Their claims as false as they are ridiculous. They should be easy to ignore or mock.

But Walker thinks it a good idea to respond, writing on Facebook:

I wasn’t going to comment on the rumours going around about myself and my family but as people are still talking about them, I feel I need to set the record straight. I am aware of a video being shared on social media and am disgusted by the suggestion that it’s anything to do with us. With so many young people on social media I am horrified that content of that nature has been shared so many times. My legal team are monitoring the activity surrounding this.

And with that the story is amplified and internet is full of headlines about Kyle Walker and a sick video. A few oddities who get their kicks from watching something the sane would find unplesant and others who just want to make a dumb adolescent joke about a footballer, who most likely plays for a team they don’t support, are now being ‘monitored’ by a legal team.

What they going to monitor next, claims that the referee is a w*nker?

The best reponse is from one wag who replies: “Hope his legal team are better at defending him than he is lloris”


Screen shot 2015-04-26 at 21.40.19


Lloris is Hugo Lloris , the Spurs goalkeeper. And he’s not the video, either…

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