Anorak News | Liverpool balls: Who called Brendan Rodgers a ‘tactical genius’? Brendan Rodgers did

Liverpool balls: Who called Brendan Rodgers a ‘tactical genius’? Brendan Rodgers did

by | 1st, May 2015

Who said that Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was a genius? Says Rodgers…

 “Three months ago I was a tactical genius, performing to a good level.”

Former Liverpool great Steve Nicol tells the Daily Mail:

“I’d love to know who was calling him a ‘tactical genius’, Brendan. When was he a tactical genius? When was he a tactical genius against Ludogorets, against Real Madrid, against Basel? When was he a tactical genius against Aston Villa in the FA Cup? I mean, come on.”

What kind of wally would have called Rodgers a genius? Well, Nichol might not be a Daily Mail reader because it was that paper’s Adrian Durham who opined:

“Rodgers did the legwork, learned his trade, soaked up knowledge and look where he is now.  Tactical genius. That’s what Brendan Rodgers is.”

He wasn’t the only one:

Peter Fraser on Sky: “Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers should be considered a managerial genius whatever happens”

Of course, Rodgers has mentioned his genius before. This is from 2014:

“I know how it goes. Six or seven months ago I was the manager of the year and I was going to be this and that, tactically this and tactically that, and now, because we have lost two world-class players, I am useless. But I accept that. I must have just dreamt that about Liverpool playing 3-4-3 in the last game [the Capital One Cup victory at Bournemouth]. What do people think that was, a bit of luck? A British coach playing 3-4-3? A foreign coach doing that would be a tactical genius. I imagine people think I fell into that system through a stroke of luck or something.”

So. Who called Rodgers a tactical genius? Well, Rodgers did…


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