Anorak News | Beyond parody: ‘Is vandalising the Women of World War Two memorial OK?’

Beyond parody: ‘Is vandalising the Women of World War Two memorial OK?’

by | 11th, May 2015

The Tab wanted to answer the question: “Is vandalising a war memorial ever OK?”

To which we’d answer. No. But if you must do it, make it funny.


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When many in London were honouring the dead on the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, someone on an anti-Tory, anti-austerity, anti-Eton, pro-anarchy protest (photos) vandalised the Women of World War Two monument by writing on it “FUCK TORY SCUM”.


Women of World War Two monument


It’s unlikley the order was aimed at the women honoured but you cannot be certain.

The Tab asked people in the Downing Street area what they thought. And one they asked was “Joseph, 27”. This is Joseph:




Still want to hear what he had to say? Ok. You asked for it:

“Firstly, I don’t condone it and I think we should honour the dead, but we should also honour those who are still alive. What about the soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? When tensions are running high and people are being kettled and hit with batons, you shouldn’t be surprised when a policeman gets hit in the head with a traffic cone. We need to concentrate on things which are happening now, like fighting in the streets and the paedophiles in Westminster who are still free, not things which happened hundreds of years ago. A conspiracy I heard was how the graffiti was done by a plain-clothes police officer.”

Who needs parody when you have Joseph..?

And – whisper it – we heard he’s a plain-clothes policeman…

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