Anorak News | Boulder artists told stacking rocks is illegal complains

Boulder artists told stacking rocks is illegal complains

by | 28th, May 2015

gravity glue


Michael Grab, aka Gravity Glue, says he’s been forbidden from building gravity sculptures – or sticking one rock on top of the other. Grab says Boulder police officer have isued an ultimatum:

“For the past 7 years i have been creating this art in and around Boulder, Colorado, USA. nearly every day! [J]ust this weekend, one police officer has decided that balancing rocks in Boulder, Colorado is now illegal, obscurely referencing two city codes [5-4-8 and 5-4-2] about ‘destruction of public property’ in relation to rocks.”

Those rocks in the river are placed like that deliberately?

“So now the police have belligerently taken it upon themselves to write tickets and/or arrest ANYONE balancing rocks in Boulder, CO. and specifically threatened to ticket me and/or arrest me if they catch me in the future. I] encourage as many people as possible (especially locals) to contact the city council here in Boulder and voice your support for this long standing tradition in Boulder. [I]t is something that an overwhelming portion of the community supports.”

Rooster Magazine adds:

“Why is any of this important? Because if we ban every bizzaro Boulder character that causes a stir…,we’re left with nothing more than a college town with a Target that’s about to become Google’s new headquarters. It’s at time like this, we need less kid gloves in the form of overzealous legislation, and more attention paid to retaining the city’s core personality. And if you don’t like that, f*cking move to Westminster. Keep Boulder weird, and keep Gravity Glue making weird ass rock art.”

At which point Grab says the city’s attorney told him that rock stacking was not illegal in Boulder, opining:

“UPDATE: holy shit! maybe the support was more than i anticipated!!. [J]ust got a call from the city attorney personally here in Boulder telling me that he has ordered the police to NOT cite rock balancing under the city codes [I] mentioned below!!! THANK YOU everyone for the overwhelming support!!!! [T]hey must have gotten lots of calls!! haha :))”

Boulder balancing is now ok in Boulder. Meanwhile…in Intercourse, Pennsylvania…


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