Anorak News | Time to kick FIFA out and begin the ‘True World Cup’

Time to kick FIFA out and begin the ‘True World Cup’

by | 30th, May 2015

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ON the cries to boycott FIFA and its tournaments, Deutsche Welle’s¬†Jefferson Chase¬†is spot on.

Let’s play a game of free association. I’ll say a word, and you tell me what immediately pops to mind. The word is FIFA. So what did you think of? Bribery? Corruption? Blatter? What about “nauseating?” That’s the word that great English striker Gary Lineker used when he was asked about football’s world governing body…

Here’s Lineker making a sound case for a show of power:

There’s no need for any discussions, dialogue or compromises. It’s is now up to the world’s leading football nations, acting alone or with in organizations like UEFA, to sever their ties with FIFA. They should immediately begin discussions about where to hold the “True World Cup,” or whatever they want to call it, in 2018 and 2022. Can you imagine what the sponsors’ reaction would be? And how Blatter supporter Vladimir Putin would like that?

Money makes the world goes round, and that goes double for football. If there’s a serious threat that the world’s top teams might not play in the World Cup, Blatter would be forced to tender his resignation within a matter of days, and Friday’s FIFA vote would essentially become an act of institutional suicide. Which, in a better world, is what it should be.

FIFA troughs on…

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