Anorak News | Everton’s Romelu Lukaku hankers for Chelsea in a craven display of ‘me’

Everton’s Romelu Lukaku hankers for Chelsea in a craven display of ‘me’

by | 3rd, June 2015

Everton’s Romelu Lukaku is the latest player to spit out the craven opinion that “I need to be winning trophies”. Everton’s 22-year-old striker and top scorer added:

“I want to grab titles, not be watching them won from the shadows. I want to know what it’s like to play in the big matches. I am 22 years, it’s time to win something.”

You can hear traces of Raheem Sterling in Lukaku’s opinion. Like the Liverpool player, Lukaku says he’s been played out of position.

“At one point I went to the coach and I said to him: ‘With all due respect, when I’m played as a winger I’m hopeless. I will only score goals if you put me up front.’ That was true. The games that I did not score, I was on the flank. When I played up through the middle, I scored.”

Like Sterling, Lukaku says its not about the money. He’s Everton’s most expensive player. In the pecking order of ability-ranked-by-paypacket, Lukaku is the best at Goodison Park. And like Sterling, the Belgian says he wants to win things. It would a hard task to find a player not on the books of a Malaysian bettering syndicate who doesn’t want to win. Saying you deserve tophies suggests you are only intersted in what the club can do for you. You look like a self-aggrandizing mercenary.

Lukaku then further charmed Everton fans by saying how he loves his former club Cheslea:

“I will always be a fan of that club. Just because I left under the wrong circumstances, that feeling does not disappear. People will ask why, if that is the case, I left? But a footballer wants to play.”

Now that Didier Drogba has left Chelsea, could Lukaku return to play for them?

“After they won the title I sent a message Eden Hazard, just like I do every game when he scores or gives an assist. I knew what they were capable of this season. When they took Fabregas and Diego Costa, I knew right away: ‘My God, this is going to create sparks’… Right from the start, even in the friendly match against Vitesse Arnhem and the difficult games against teams like Burnley who were fighting relegation, Chelsea played totally different than the season before.

“That was the true stuff of champions. I want to play football and that is the football that you have to play.”

Champions win trophies. Chelsea win trophies – they won two last season. Everton won none. The inference is not that Lukaku failed to press Everton on to bigger things, rather that Everton let the player down.

What a pathetic abdication of the team ethic. It sounds a lot like Lukaku is agitating for a move. But any team keen on him would be wary of taking on a player who seems to be playing for himself.

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