Anorak News | Manchester Police officer sacked for calling British Muslims ‘Nazi rodents’

Manchester Police officer sacked for calling British Muslims ‘Nazi rodents’

by | 8th, June 2015

Police are being policed on the internet. Greater Manchester police have sacked ‘Officer A’ over “offensive and racist” comments posted on his private Facebook account. His comments were in response to a Daily Mail article about the number of Muslim children in Birmingham.

He opined:

“We have allowed them to settle in to their own communities and they have no desire to mix, they would rather take over areas and breed like rabbits. If you look at the way they take over certain areas, it’s not unlike what the Germans did in Europe, they get a stronghold and then go for broke. We have already had two Muslim-related beheadings in this country in a year.”

ACC Ian Wiggett, who chaired the disciplinary panel, wants us know something:

“It’s clear to us the message was both offensive and racist in nature.”

That shounld be clear to anyone.  But is it clear to the police because Wiggett adds that Officer A is “is not a racist individual who has entrenched views”.

What does that mean. Is it a question of Muslims this week who breed like vermin and next week he attacked sub-human gypsies and Jews? Are his views fluid?

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