Anorak News | Manchester City’s Yaya Toure and Sandra Ntonya in Sainsbury’s sex shocker

Manchester City’s Yaya Toure and Sandra Ntonya in Sainsbury’s sex shocker

by | 14th, June 2015

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Manchester City’s Yaya Toure is the subject of the Sun’s story that he has been allegedly seeing a “£140-an-hour hooker”. The story begins with this tremedous line:

Sandra Ntonya, 34, told last night how she exchanged a string of texts with Man City star’s mobile to meet near a Sainsbury’s car park.

Product placement is everything. You can imagine the Sainsbury’s marketing team working out how to milk claims that a £200,000-a-week footballer knows the way to their shop.

As for Sandra, well, she says:

“…he kept phoning me — around ten times in one week — and pleaded with me not to refuse him and said he would treat me with respect. The caller said he wanted to meet in the afternoon but I had a hair appointment…”

She received a text from Toure’s phone — linked to his WhatsApp social messaging profile — before the romp last December. The text said: “How many minutes baby.” Sandra says “one” and “I’m on Sainsbury’s”.


yaya toure sex


Minutes? Well, at £140 an hour, that’s £2.33 a minute. As Yaya allegedly roots around in his change box, Sandra adds:

 “We drove a little way to a quiet country track with no street lights where we stopped to have sex in the back seat of his car, which I remember was a left-hand drive. There was a lot of fumbling around and the alarms were set off inside — they kept interrupting and it was pretty awkward. Afterwards I was paid just £100 — it was two £50 notes from a huge wad. I was disgusted by how little money I was given but was just too shocked to dispute it.”

Demure Sandra will shag you on the back set as the alarm sounds but she finds discussing money awkward. However she claims that at a previous meeting Toure gave her £160, “which is a bit extra”.

The story of Sainsbury’s sex is interrupted by Toure saying it’s all rubbish.

And as for Sandra, we can find ‘Flora’. Might this all be a case of misaken identity? Flora’s profile states:

A little bit about me
Whether you’ve got to have it, want it or just curious… Don’t gamble when that desire kicks in; have your escapade a genuinely sought after ebony escort beholding elegance, beauty with a sound mind and creativity. I have a desire to be served yet excel in giving pleasure to those (WHITE MEN!!) who demand the very best in quality entertainment and unforgettable erotic encounters. I am tremendously kinky and a modest fountain of fun – unlike most Africans…

My most perfect moment of my most perfect day is having your white skin against mine… I will be f***ing in a 5 star hotel one day, a B & B the next day, in a field one evening, a gang bang with the lads on a saturday night, accompany you to a swingers club, steaming your car with a raunchy romp at short notice, giving you a blow job in a super market carpark in daylight!…

That pretty much tallies with Sandra’s profile, as revealed in the Sun:

It states she is “tremendously kinky unlike most Africans”. It adds: “I excel in giving pleasure to those who demand the very best in quality entertainment and unforgettable erotic encounters.”

And then there is this:

She also told how the son of a neighbour thought he saw Toure emerge from her flat in early 2014. But the neighbour said yesterday: “I don’t want to make any comment on it. You have to take into account that Yaya is a big deal here in Manchester. People will want to kill my son for it and I wouldn’t be able to walk down the street. One half of this city is full of Manchester City fans and he is a hero to them. If they found someone in Manchester is trying to stitch him up they’d want to commit murder.”

Mancunians are notorious prudes. If you don’t believe Sandra, ask Ryan Giggs.


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