Anorak News | Lord Janner scandal day 57: an alleged victim tells of blood in Westminster

Lord Janner scandal day 57: an alleged victim tells of blood in Westminster

by | 14th, June 2015

ouses of Parliament, St Stephen's Crypt - Watercolour by Edward M. Barry c.1863 (WOA 1601)

ouses of Parliament, St Stephen’s Crypt – Watercolour by Edward M. Barry c.1863 (WOA 1601)


Lord Greville Janner: a look at news on the Labour peer embroiled in allegations that he abused children. He maintains his innocence. It’s been 57 days since the Crown Prosecution Sevice decided not to prosecute Lord Janner on gounds of his failing health.

The Sunday Express has news:

Lord Greville Janner should NOT be saved from trial, says alleged assault victim

But can he be accused in the media? Yes.

We meet Mr Paul Miller. No 53, Mr Miller was 9 when he was in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in the Palace of Westminster. A pupil at Braunstone Frith primary school in Leicester, Miller was living in care when he became one of eight children “specially chosen by local MP Janner to visit London in 1969. He lived in care at the time at the Tatlow Road children’s home.”

He says:

“I was transfixed by this amazing building, which was like nothing I’d ever seen before, and so hadn’t noticed the rest of the group had moved on. That’s when Janner sidled up to me and told me to look at a dark spot on the chapel floor which he said was a bloodstain from years ago. As I was looking at it, he then quickly came up behind and hugged me for about 10 seconds before lowering his hand to touch my buttocks.I said nothing because I was stunned and wondered what was happening. He let go and just said, ‘Right, let’s find the others’ and that was it. It was as though nothing had happened, which to him it probably was. He’d probably done that countless times before.”


Did he tell?

“I never told anyone about what happened, not any of the teachers or staff back at the children’s home, because who would have believed a kid from care against a well-known MP.”

But there will no day in court. No place for Mr Miller to sue for justice. No place for Lord Janner to prove his innocence.

What began a trawl for justice and past sex crimes is now a story devopid of news.

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