Anorak News | Stoke’s WaterWorld: Muslims, naturists and the EDL seek thrills at the Great British waterpark

Stoke’s WaterWorld: Muslims, naturists and the EDL seek thrills at the Great British waterpark

by | 14th, June 2015

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The Sunday Express has news on Muslims in the UK:

UK waterpark bans bikinis and orders visitors to wear ‘Islamically appropriate’ clothes

Scott Campbell reports:

A BRITISH waterpark has sparked fury by banning bikinis and ordering visitors to cover up in “Islamically appropriate” clothing.

No. Not in the Great British waterpark! Not the Great British bikini! No wonder there is “fury”.

WaterWorld in Stoke-on-Trent plans to black out windows and provide a prayer room during a women-only night aimed at Muslims. Only female lifeguards will patrol the park during the event, which has triggered a flood of complaints.

Who complained?

Staff will also “guard” the front entrance to “make sure that no males enter the facility”.

Female guards, we hope.

The Express cuts through the fury and speaks with the sober Conservative MP Philip Hollobone:

“I imagine there would be a lot of outrage if the boot was on the other foot and swimmers were told they had to dress appropriately in respect of Christians. I don’t see how this is different.”

If he can’t see the difference then Phil’s monochrome imagination is not worth investigating further.

The Express adds:

One invitation to the “Sisters Only Funday” advises attendees to cover their “awrah” (nudity) by wearing full-length jogging bottoms and a dark-coloured t-shirt.

We don’t get to see that invite in the Express. It’s not on the WaterWorld website. It appears to be a personal recommendation by a blogger, which you can read here.

Dress Code Please ensure that your Awrah is covered at all times. Below are a few suggestions on what you can wear: Top Long Loose T-Shirt/Top. Bottoms Leggings 3 Quarter/Full Length Jogging Bottoms. We would also suggest wearing a leotard under the T-shirt or belt over it as it is likely to float up when you enter the water. A dark coloured T-shirt is recommended as white can become transparent when wet. Swimming water contains chlorine that does discolour certain materials, so do not wear anything too valuable.

In the Express we do hear from WaterWorld owner Mo Chaudry, who says:

“We feel we’ve been victimised for offering something that we feel there is a demand for.”

That line also features in yesterday’s Stoke Sentinel, although over there the quote is much fuller:

The EDL has branded the event as ‘oppressive’ and plan to protest on August 1. But WaterWorld owner Mo Chaudry said he believed there was a gap in the market for such an event, which also allows in boys aged up to four.

He said all women, irrespective of faith or ethnicity, are welcome to attend and wear normal swimming costumes. But clothing must adhere to health and safety rules, and anyone wearing loose outfits or T-shirts would not be allowed on the rides.

He added: “I’m astonished that we have been targeted . We feel we’ve been victimised for offering something that we feel there is a demand for. This is no different to a ladies-only gym. It’s cheap, political manoeuvring. The event will go ahead. The only thing that would prevent it is a lack of demand. We’re not going to be bullied.”

We looked at the flyer:


Screen shot 2015-06-14 at 20.51.39


Mention of “Islamic appropriate clothing” on the venue’s website: none. Perhaps it was removed?

And do take good note of that date thrill-seekers because WaterWorld hosts a Naturist Night and confusing the dates could lead to problems.

But what really caused fury at Anorak Towers is the line: “Admission price is payable upon entry at a price of £13.49 per person or £10.49 for under 1.1m tall.”

That’s tallist! We march at dawn…


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