Anorak News | Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere fined £8000 per swear word

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere fined £8000 per swear word

by | 17th, June 2015

What do you think of the FA, Jack Wilshere? The Arsenal players has been fined – get this – £40,000 for referring to Tottenham Hotspur as sh** as the Gunners celebrated winning the FA Cup in front of their fans.

The entire episode featured five swear words – three of them in the gloriously sweary, ‘My old man said me a Tottenham fan, I said f*** off bollocks you’re a c***”. That works aout at £8,000 a cuss. Sepp Blatter should tell his FA men to stop milking the World Cup and just get a swear box installed in their solid gold sedans.

A single afternoon with Wayne Rooney and Roy Keane and the man from the Albania FA would have enough enough money to top Qatar’s bid.

But then context and intent matter. It was Mike Riley the general manager of Professional Game Match Officials Limited, who explained:

“There are very few reds for foul and abusive language because it depends on the way it is said. If a player turns round after a decision saying, ‘**** off, ref’ then it’s different from someone standing in front of you, staring, saying, ‘**** off’. We have to understand the demands of the game at the highest level and the pressure that players are under. But levels of dissent have gone down.’

What about if a grinning player stood before his fans tells a club not actually present to **** off and invites hundreds of happy people to join him in telling said club to **** off and those people accept? The FA says the price for that is £40,000. But what if the people are referees and Jack is moving as he swears. No charge, says Riley.

Now. About that FIFA corruption and greed…



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