Anorak News | Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling is my hippy crack role model

Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling is my hippy crack role model

by | 18th, June 2015

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Is that Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling inhaling nitrous oxide – always billed in the newspapers as ‘hippy crack’  – on a boat in Ibiza? The Sun’s Chris Pollard says it is:

FOOTBALL star Raheem Sterling has been caught sucking from a balloon — just weeks after The Sun exposed him inhaling laughing gas… on Tuesday he was videoed with the stem of an inflated pink balloon between his lips.

Inhaling nitrous oxide is not illegal. Which makes you wonder what it is Sterling has done wrong? He’s not fighting in the street. He’s not dealing drugs. He’s not cheating: nitrous oxide will not enhance his athletic performance on the pitch. The gas is less harmful than drinking heavily, which was once the favourite hobby of Arsenal’s ‘Tuesday Club’.

But the Sun remains aghast:

Footage posted on messaging site Snapchat showed him giggling and dancing wildly as he revelled on board with two male pals and several girls. Another shows him dancing and pointing in the air while girls, including his girlfriend Paige Lee Hansel, 19, suck from balloons and pose for pictures with him.

Meanwhile, a third clip shows one of Sterling’s pals refilling a red metal gas canister while the cackling winger clutches a green balloon. In the background, a cardboard box apparently holding gas refills can be seen.

As ever we look about for someone to elevate Sterling to a role model. And here some the Daily Telegraph to says that Sterlingwas warned in April by Liverpool about his responsibilities as a role model after he was caught on video at his home sniffing nitrous oxide from a balloon.”

Unless Sterling / Grealish / Wilshere is forced to apologise in public, all hell will break lose. Teens will stop their keep-fit regimes, start smoking and lark about on private yachts.

The rest of us will wonder why such young men in possession of fortunes go to Ibiza at all when they could be surfing motorised dolphins to the Maldives whilst a naked Kate Moss hovers overhead on the back of a robot eagle? When will our footballers show some ambition?


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