Anorak News | Joey Essex’s new love Charlotte Stuchfield ‘flashes’ the Daily Mail pap pervs

Joey Essex’s new love Charlotte Stuchfield ‘flashes’ the Daily Mail pap pervs

by | 19th, June 2015

Professional to-deadline dimwit Joey Essex is dating Charlotte Stuchfield. He had been romancing air hostesses Bethany Hitch but, as the Sun reports, tired of her “always being in the sky”. A source is quoted: “It was tough maintaining a relationship with an air stewardess. At least Charlotte only lives up the road.”

But where the Sun does it with humour – Joey, mate, Hitch doesn’t live in the sky, footballers don’t live on the pitch and waiters don’t live in McDonald’s – the Mail goes on the attack. In place of actual knowledge about Miss Stuchfield (the Mirror calls her a “mystery brunette”), the Mail produces three photos of the couple leaving an London eatery and news that the Essex’s latest flame “flashed her sideboob in a knitted top which gaped at the sides”.

She doesn’t flash anything. Other photos are captioned:

The 24-year-old looked like he was nodding off as the pair jumped in their car…

No. He looks like he trying to ignore the photographer stood by the car window shining a bright light on his face.


The couple tried to keep things low-key as they made their exit

She hides her face behind her phone, causing her top to ride up and expose some breast skin and nipple tape; he keeps his head lowered. The only person ‘flashing’ is the man leering into their car.

It’s all a far cry from when the Mail vowed never again to buy paparazzi photos after Princess Diana died in a car crash.


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