Anorak News | Liverpool’s Kolo Toure and ‘Flora’ Ntonya’s post-Yaya al fresco election night sex

Liverpool’s Kolo Toure and ‘Flora’ Ntonya’s post-Yaya al fresco election night sex

by | 21st, June 2015

In “Stingy Kolo gave me a £10 tip… my window cleaner clients pay more”, the Sun hears more from Sandra Ntonya, the woman who claims to have met Manchester City’s married Yaya Toure in a Sainsbury’s and shagged him for cash.

Sandra Ntonya now says she’s also had sex with Yaya’s brother, Liverpool’s Kolo Toure in his spare bedroom, garden and dining room. We peek through the clean windows at chez Toure:

THE £140-an-hour hooker linked to Premier League ace Yaya Toure has told how she romped with his footie brother Kolo. Sandra Ntonya, 34, enjoyed a string of sex sessions at the married Liverpool defender’s home and in his Mercedes. But she blasted the £60,000-a-week star as “stingy”, saying: “He only gave me a £10 tip. I have clients who are window cleaners who pay better.”


The cars feature in these allegations. On Yaya, Sandra said:

“We drove a little way to a quiet country track with no street lights where we stopped to have sex in the back seat of his car, which I remember was a left-hand drive. There was a lot of fumbling around and the alarms were set off inside — they kept interrupting and it was pretty awkward. Afterwards I was paid just £100 — it was two £50 notes from a huge wad. I was disgusted by how little money I was given but was just too shocked to dispute it.”

And of Kolo, she alleges:

And she told how he would ring afterwards to ask about his performance — and boast how much better in bed he was than his brother.

Last week we wondered if this was all a case of mistaken identity? We found ‘Flora‘ who looked like Sandra Ntonya. Yaya offered no word. There were also no photos to support the story.  And no window cleaner has come forward to explain what they saw.

This week Sandra says:

“The first time we spoke on the phone he sounded like Yaya. But he said his name was James from Zimbabwe. I knew he was Yaya’s brother straightaway. Eventually he realised I knew too.”



“He paid £60 for half an hour and gave a £10 tip. I could already tell he was Yaya’s brother. The next time Kolo came he freaked out because the police came to my house as he arrived. My son, who was on holiday in the Lake District, had called 999 as a joke. So I had to explain to the police what had happened and confirm my son was OK. Kolo called to say he got scared of the police and had gone back. I told him to come back but he was terrified for some reason.”



But was it him?

At one point he checked Sandra’s phone and realised she had saved his number under the name Kolo, proving she knew who he was. He deleted all his texts to her.

Apparently “terrified” about being found out “he still invited her back later in the evening for another session, again paying £140… We did it again outside on the night of the election.”



We later learn that a “spokesman for the star last night said he denied ever meeting Sandra.”

And then this:

KOLO had a two-year affair with a model after pretending to be a car salesman called Francois. Kessel Kasuisyo, 22, said he showered her with gifts including a £1,000 diamond ring… Kessel later learned who he was and told all. He denied ever meeting her.

Do car salesman out-tip window cleaners?


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