Anorak News | Nicholas Salvador and media bias: insane killer not driven to it by Islam and marijuana

Nicholas Salvador and media bias: insane killer not driven to it by Islam and marijuana

by | 23rd, June 2015

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Nicholas Salvador has been found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity. He’s been sentenced to remain in Broadmore psychiatric hospital for the indefinite future.

Salvador, 25, stabbed and decapitated Palmira Silva, 82, in her back garden in Edmonton, North London. Salvador had an interest in shapeshifters. He believed Mrs Silva was a Adolf Hitler or a demon. Before that horrofic crime, Salvador killed two cats he thought were demons. He liked watching YouTube videos about the Illuminati, a group of people who ‘control the world’.

When the story broke, the Sun took a position. It placed Salvador’s religion at the heart of the crime. Indeed, it was the key fact in the paper’s front-page headline:




In his summing up, the judge made no reference to Islam. But what does the Sun say?

The killer called upon “Allah” and claimed “I am king” then held up the head of Mrs Silva to a police helicopter in triumph as armed officers desperately scrambled to the scene in Edmonton, north London.

He also bit a chunk out of a police officer’s leg and had to be Tasered six times, hit with truncheons, punched and sprayed with CS spray before he was subdued.

The Sun than talks about drugs:

Mr Rees said Salvador, who smoked skunk – a potent form of cannabis blamed for hallucinations, anxiety and paranoia – had lost his job in billboard advertising three days earlier and was staying with a “host family” three doors away from Mrs Silva.

Did the drugs pay any part in his insanity? We are not told. Did Islam play any part in the insanity? Well, he said “allah” instead of God or Jesus. But, then, he also said he was a king.


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The Times’ report has more news:

Nicholas Salvador, 25, believed he was killing “demons” when he ran amok, tearing down fences and kicking down neighbours’ doors in Edmonton, north London, on the afternoon of September 4 last year, the Old Bailey heard.

The final moments of Mrs Silva’s life and the immediate aftermath were edited out of a harrowing 14-minute clip shown to the jury in front of members of the victim’s family.

What did he say?

Afterwards, he showed signs of mental illness, repeating phrases like “red is the colour” and “I am the king” over and over again.

Nothing about “allah” in the Times.

The Guardian also has nothing about “allah”. And of the drugs, it says:


Salvador had held various jobs after completing a media studies course at college, including as a fitness instructor, but lost his work pasting advertisements on billboards three days before the attack.

Salvador’s friends told police he regularly smoked skunk cannabis, took cocaine and had been known to drink whole bottles of spirits each day.

The Mail does mention Islam, but gives it no weight:

In 2012 he claimed he had converted to Islam and began preaching and attending mosques but later spoke about becoming a Buddhist.

By 2014 Salvador was living alone in Enfield and working as a fitness instructor and billboard advert installer. His father was in Nigeria and his mother was in Nottingham.

A few weeks before Mrs Silva was killed, he moved in with his schoolfriend Dominic Thorne in Nightingale Road, Edmonton. The Thorne family described Salvador as ‘a real nice guy’ and ‘a happy, bubbly gentle giant type person’ before his behaviour deteriorated.

He started becoming obsessed with witchcraft, demons and the Illuminati and asked his friend Dominic, 25, ‘When am I going to get my powers?’ and ‘Am I going to turn into a girl?’

Vivian Thorne, his friend’s mother, suggested he see a doctor but he refused.

Salvador began drinking a bottle of brandy or whisky a day and the garage was littered with empty bottles of Corona lager. He also regularly smoked skunk cannabis and had taken cocaine, the court heard. Then, three days before the killing, he lost his advertising job after failing to turn up for work.

The Sun made no mention of Salvador’s heavy drinking. Why not? It mentioned his skunk intake so why not his full diet of narcotics?

To be clear: Salvador’s heinous crimes had nothing to do with Islam or marijuana- whatever the biased media says.



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