Anorak News | The ‘horrific’ Elsa from Frozen birthday cake Reddit and the Daily Mail mocked was made for a ‘really sick little girl’

The ‘horrific’ Elsa from Frozen birthday cake Reddit and the Daily Mail mocked was made for a ‘really sick little girl’

by | 7th, July 2015


Elsa frozen cake terrible


Did you see the  “terrible” Elsa from Frozen cake posted on Reddit? Comments were opinionated:


The sad thing is, as horrific as it looks, someone put serious time into making that cake. Every misshapen blob, every terrifying curve and flourish. There are hours and hours of terrible craftsmanship here.


I imagine they look at the design concept and then at the horrific one they created over many hours and slowly break into silent tears and shaking sobs as they remember how hopeful they were when they started up their first ever business after quitting their soul-crushing job to finally try to become who they believe they were meant to be.


Jesus…2 minutes in & I’m still laughing at it!

And so on.

And be in no doubt that Elsa cake was made by a pro:



elsa cake charity


The Daily Mail even found out the baker’s name: Shawna Mcgreevy.


Elsa frozen cake charity


Only they were all wrong.

The cake was made by the charity Icing Smiles.


elsa frozen cake 1


Icing Smiles wrote:

Please note that this has been re-posted out of respect for a request from the family. We hate to lose momentum but it is all about the kids so please help this get the same amount of traction. And thanks you to everyone that has changed their profile. I love to see the Icing Smiles logo going viral…..SUGAR HUGS to all. (Tracy – founder)

This is a very personal post for me. What has happened in the last few days as a result of a popular cake blog has caused me to ride a roller coaster of emotion. Unless you have been in a cave, you know that one of our cakes was unfavorably compared against the INSANELY talented work of McGreevy Cakes. It has gone viral and it broke my heart.

My heart broke for the baker because I know how much of herself she puts into her donations. My heart broke for the family should they come across the posts because it may take from their joy of receiving the gift. It broke for our team whose extraordinary efforts were used in this way. Our Sugar Angel wasn’t commissioned to copy Shawna’s work, she was asked for a Frozen cake for a sick child and she did just that.

I am well aware that all photos we publish are public domain but to use the efforts of volunteers serving medically fragile children as a source of humor is tasteless. I am well aware that my opinions are biased but I see the efforts, stress, tears and passion of our volunteers and I hate to see them lead to ridicule in any forum. In fairness to the original blogger, we do not know if they were aware of the source of the cake and as soon as it was brought to their attention, it was removed. (THANK YOU!)

When I finally got past the initial shock, I fearfully reached out to our Sugar Angel, Lisa to offer my sympathy and boy did she change my attitude. Her facebook page was loaded with comments to which she graciously replied with humor and self-deprecation. She even commented that she knew it wasn’t her best work and maybe Elsa was getting back from rehab. The best part was that she didn’t care because she made a child happy.

Lisa, I have the utmost respect for you. Thank you for all you do to make my vision come to life. I am proud to share this cake and claim it as ours! – Tracy

The cake had been made by Lisa Randolph-Gant, who tells everyhorrificeone via Facebook:

As you most know I am the baker of the other cake . The cake was made for Icing smiles, for a really sick little girl. Yes I know the cake looks a HOT MESS …… BUT here is the back story …I had just lost my grandmother I had been with my Mom all day comforting her, I came back to work on the cake I HAD 2 hours to get it done and delivered, I was so upset I remember asking for prayer on Facebook to get it done.

As I leave to deliver the cake it started raining cat’s and dog’s as I was taking the cake out of the truck the top of the box blows back and the cake get soaking wet . So the photo that was posted was after I had wiped her face with a paper towel . Yes I’ve seen all the really mean comments, some even posted by some of my so called cake friends that know it’s my cake .

At the end of the day, I DIDN’T let that sick baby down l gave it all I had to give, so make fun all me all you guy’s want if that is what you need to do to feel good about yourself.

More cake?

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