Anorak News | Ex-teacher Brianne Altice sentenced to prison for sex with three teenagers

Ex-teacher Brianne Altice sentenced to prison for sex with three teenagers

by | 10th, July 2015

Brianne AlticeFormer Utah teacher Brianne Altice has been sentenced for having sex with three teen boys.

“I am human, and I messed up during a very vulnerable time in my life,” a wet-eyed Altice told the court. “If I could, I would personally apologize to each individual that has been affected by this. Grief fills my heart for all involved.”

Deputy Davis County Attorney Cristina Ortega was unimpressed:

“I think it’s very inappropriate the fact that society, for some reason, says, ‘They’re boys. They’re men. This would be any kids’ fantasy,’ ” she said. “It’s not. This is real life. This isn’t something that should be commended somehow.”

Ortega told the judge that Altice should have drawn the line and reported any inappropriate comments the teens made toward her.

“For them, they are young, and they were flirting with their teacher,” she said. “Then it changed because of her… She’s the teacher. She’s the adult… She upped the ante [to] no longer flirting, but sexual contact, with all three students.”

What sayeth the defence?

Altice’s attorney, Edward Brass, told the judge that the inappropriate relationships stemmed from a bad marriage and his client’s issues with self-esteem. He asked for jail time and probation for the woman, saying, she is “troubled” and “has problems with viewing her own worth.”

“She blurred the lines between being a teacher and a friend,” Brass said, adding that Altice also encouraged many young people in a positive way at the school.

Judge Thomas Kay had heard enough:

“I have to say to society, when a female or a male teacher does this to children, this is going to happen,” noting that he has always ordered prison time for teachers convicted of having sexual relations with a student.

That has has to say it is odd.

Maybe now female teachers will be treated with the same suspicison as male teachers?

Spotter: New York Daily News

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