Anorak News | Manchester United: Van Persie was every bit as ruthless as Van Gaal

Manchester United: Van Persie was every bit as ruthless as Van Gaal

by | 15th, July 2015

For all fans of the bigger Premier League clubs, the player who leaves for more money is anathema. Robin Van Persie will always be to Arsenal fans the disloyal, ungrateful arsehat who forced them to choke back vomit as he followed his “inner child”  and signed for Manchester United. To United fans, Van Persie is the star who gave them the title, a man of honour who shows everyone that when United call you answer ‘yes’, unless you’re Gareth Bale, Thomas Muller and anyone else who choses better pay over the ultimate honour.

But why did Van Perise leave Man United? Did his inner child turn suddenly dream of playing in a Turkish tax haven? Is RVP’s inner kid an accountant?

The Sun hears Van Persie creact to life ay Fenerbahce:

“Let me please add one more person to thank: I highly appreciate the work of Ed Woodward in this transfer. He was the man who was very classy in all this. A true gentleman. If you are listening or watching, thank you!”


Is that a dig at Louis Van Gaal’s, United’s current stop-gap manager?

“I could see it coming and could get used to the idea for quite a bit.”

So much for the Daily Mirror’s claim that Van Persie only knew he was leaving United last week.

But United fans must wonder where it went wrong. Instrumental in United’s last title win, and with ten goals in 25 Premier League starts in his last injury-hit season at Old Trafford, Van Perie is out.  “I believe,” said Van Gaal when managing Van Persie and Holland at the 2014 World Cup finals, “that Van Persie and Van Gaal share the same philosophy”.

They do: they are both ruthless in pursuit of personal glory.


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