Anorak News | Manchester United: Van Gaal criticises Ashley Young and dreams of a superstar like Chelsea’ Eden Hazard

Manchester United: Van Gaal criticises Ashley Young and dreams of a superstar like Chelsea’ Eden Hazard

by | 27th, July 2015

Louis van Gaal has spent £230 million in 12 months trying to turn Manchester United into a winning team. But what he really wants is a superstar, like Cristiano Ronaldo:

“He may come, but it is not possible. Why not? Because you have the club [Real Madrid], you have Ronaldo and then you have Manchester United and how much Manchester United want to spend.”

For £230m surely Van Gaal could have brought Ronaldo to United and at least one other superstar. As it is, he bought fourth place in the Premier League and a reputation for playing a long-ball game.

Van Gaal dreams of other big names:

“They [Chelsea] have Hazard, he can always make goals, he can always make an action and decide a goal,. Manchester City have Agüero, it’s the same type. Barcelona has Messi, Neymar and Suárez. We as Manchester United have to compete with these clubs. So we have to look also for those kinds of players.

“It’s not my Manchester United. Why? Because we have to look for more balance and more creativity. Chelsea have Hazard, Willian and Oscar. There is a lot of creativity there and you need that because you have to disorganise [teams that park] the bus.

Do United have decent players?

“We don’t have a good vision, I think. We can use much more creativity. You cannot expect to get from [Ashley] Young what you get from Hazard. Young had a fantastic season but he is not a Neymar and we have to compete with that kind of class. I want more players but it is not always possible.”

Charming stuff. Ashley Young must be delighted to read that.

Are his day’s at Old Trafford numbers?

“I believe in refreshment of teams. You need that to keep the spirit in the team and also the challenge to be in the line-up and before my time it was not done like that.”

No. Before Van Gaal tried to buy success, Old Trafford a enviable youth policy and Alex Ferguson’s knack of turning good players into winners.

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