Anorak News | Manchester United: Rojo’s criminal stupidity costs him dear

Manchester United: Rojo’s criminal stupidity costs him dear

by | 28th, July 2015

It’s easily done. Marcos Rojo, the charming Manchester United defender, was barred from boarding a flight from Buenos Aires to San Jose, California, because he forgot to renew his passport and obtain the right visa.

On the day of departure, Rojo’s mental checklist departed from the traditional: ‘Tickets, oven, passport …’ to something akin to: ‘Gel, mirror, gel…’

The Times says the error will cost Rojo a fine of two weeks wages. How much is that? It’s £140,000! For the price of another big tattoo, Rojo could employ a passport wallah to spend a few moments each morning shouting out how many days are left until the passport expires, or counting down the hours before the milk in his fridge turns. Redirect the cash from a saucer-sized watch and he’s got a speaking clock no more than 10 steps behind him at any time.

As for the criminality issue, in 2012, Rojo was formally accused of assaulting a neighbour with a bottle during a 2010 row in his home city of La Plata. The matter was settled out of court in February 2015.


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