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Madeleine McCann: 43 unnamed children not found in Australian suitcase

by | 29th, July 2015

madeleine-2Madeleine McCann: the body of the child found wrapped in a duvet inside a suitcase in the middle of nowhere, Australia, is NOT that of the child who vanished in Praia da Luz, Portugal back in 2007.

This we know because the likelihood of it being Our Maddie was at slightly longer odds than her being found working with Elvis in Brent X. It is also a fact broadcast by the BBC:

Body found in suitcase in Australia ‘not missing girl’

Phew! The remains of a child found inside a suitcase by a road in Australia are not that of the “missing girl”. We can all carry on with your lives happily now. Unless, there are more missing children than just Madeleine McCann and the story of the young body in the bag is unsettling.

The body of a girl whose remains were discovered in a suitcase in Australia is not missing Madeleine McCann, police have confirmed.

If not the media’s benchmark for all missing children then who?

South Australia Police said it had ruled out 43 missing children in connection to the discovery by a remote motorway in Wynarka, near Adelaide.

We don’t get to learn the names of the 43 children who might have been dead in a suitcase.

The decomposed body is that of a fair-haired girl aged between two-and-a-half and four, police said.
The Met said Madeline had been “totally excluded” as a potential victim.

Det Supt Des Bray said: “I can confirm that Madeleine McCann has been totally excluded as a potential victim and UK police have been advised.”

You can imagine the surprise at the Met when they heard the news.

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