Anorak News | Kendal Calling drugs death: why not label the contents?

Kendal Calling drugs death: why not label the contents?

by | 31st, July 2015

death kendal callingIn “Teen dies from ‘dodgy drugs’ at festival Police warning as four others are left seriously ill in hospital”, the Sun reports on the death of Christian Pay, 18, a woman in a critical condition and three other men left in serious peril after attending at Cumbria’s Kendal Calling Festival.

Did drugs do it?

Cops have issued a warning about three drugs they believe are linked to the tragedy.

They include a blue tablet with an Adidas logo, a light green tablet with a white fleck and a plain grey tablet with a white fleck.

Why aren’t drugs tested at festivals and raves? Why can’t a customer looking to get off their face at least be able to test the pill for deadly toxins?



Superintendent Justin Bibby says:

“This is a very serious incident and people attending the festival need to be aware of the potential dangers of taking such illegal drugs.”

They know the risks. It’s a fair bet that the woman, aged 29, who is in hospital in a bad way, has at some point in her life seen or heard news that illegal drugs can harm your health.

“You cannot be sure of what the drug contains and therefore could cause fatal consequences. Please for your own safety do not take any illegal drugs.”

But it’s the illegality that make them so enticing, isn’t it? It’s the skulduggery and rebellion associated with the little pill that offers so much thrill.

@KendalCalling tweets:

There have been serious drug related casualties requiring hospital treatment. Please take extra care – illegal drugs have unknown contents

Why can’t they be made known?

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