Anorak News | Edward Heath: shaking hands with dead paedos in Savile and Jaconelli’s Scarborough

Edward Heath: shaking hands with dead paedos in Savile and Jaconelli’s Scarborough

by | 6th, August 2015

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British Conservative politician, Edward Heath (1916 – 2005) signs autographs after the ceremony for the renaming of Lympne Airport to Ashford Airport, Ashford, Kent, England, 10th June 1969. 


Edward Heath was a peado! Well, maybe. The Sun continues to fan the speculation that former Prime Minister Edward Heath (dead) might have had sex with a 12-year-old boy (or might not have had sex with anyone – ed) by telling its reades that “COPS are investigating links between ex-PM Ted Heath and a notorious paedo pal of Jimmy Savile dubbed King Cornet.”

Detectives are trawling through dozens of files over the connection to ex-Scarborough Mayor Peter Jaconelli.

Savile is dead. Jaconelli is dead. But the cops are very much alive to the idea of showing how the Old Bill don’t protect nonces by inviting anyone who ever knew any of the dead men to come forward if they “believe” they were molested by one or more of them.

The Sun adds:

The 21-stone ice cream boss abused 32 boys during a 40-year reign of terror. He died in 1999 aged 73 but was later exposed by cops as a serial predator with links to senior Tories.

Exposed after death. How so? In 2014, the BBC reported:

A former mayor of Scarborough who was friends with Jimmy Savile has been stripped of his civic honours by the town council after being accused of child sex abuse.

It was not proven that he abused 32 boys.

Peter Jaconelli was mayor of the seaside resort in the 1970s. North Yorkshire Police said a number of witnesses had come forward with allegations of abuse. Relatives of Mr Jaconelli have said they were not aware of any evidence that he committed any sexual crimes.

Scarborough Borough Council voted to remove his honorary alderman and mayor status. It said his name would be taken off of the honours boards at the town hall and “that all reference to Peter Jaconelli as a former mayor cease”.

Mr Jaconneli, who ran an ice cream business, was described by police as a friend of Jimmy Savile, who also lived in the town.

“Friend of Jimmy Savile” is now damning. Princess Diana was a friend of the gibebring pervert. Was she in on it? You need only to tell the police it happened for it to be investigated and become news. So. Was she?

A police spokesman said: “Such is the nature of the evidence that, if he were alive today, Peter Jaconelli would have been interviewed under caution and a file of evidence would have been submitted for consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service.”

How times change. In 1999, the Guardian’s obituary on Jaconelli ran:

Peter Jaconelli, who has died aged 73, was the outsize ice cream king of Scarborough who also weighed into local politics to lasting effect. Initially trained as an opera singer – his 21 stones and 50 inch waist would have matched Pavarotti or Placido Domingo – he loyally took over the family business after his father’s death and built it into a national wholesale empire.

Unshakeably jovial, Jaconelli was born into a classic Italian ice cream dynasty founded by a great-great-grandfather who emigrated to Scotland in 1833. Among the earliest of tingalary men, named after their ice cream carts with bells to summon trade, he established himself in Glasgow, where the family flourished for a century…

His outstanding voice persuaded his father to send him for operatic training to the Royal College of Music and later to Naples. But he had learned enough of the ice cream trade as a teenager to be well-prepared when the family businesses needed him.

As chairman, he combined a hands-on approach with canny expansion into restaurants and the national distribution of ice cream and fancy desserts. He particularly enjoyed being a walking advertisement for his products and the joys of eating generally. As Mayor of Scarborough in 1970, he entered the Guinness Book of Records (and remains there) for downing 512 oysters in 48 minutes and 42 seconds.

Jaconelli’s council career stemmed from the amount of advice he got used to giving while serving dollops of ice cream, and a natural interest – personal as well as commercial – in the town. He was prime mover behind the successful turnaround of Scarborough’s small 750-year-old port from semi-dereliction to profit. He also worked with his wife Anna to get a drinks ban introduced on the sometimes rowdy seafront streets.

Jaconelli was chairman of North Yorkshire county council planning committee for many years and of the economic development, planning, land and harbour committees of Scarborough district council. He was sometimes accused of being an overmighty local personality, but avoided pomposity and gave as good as he got.

He retired through ill-health in 1991 but was invariably to be found about the town. The best possible memorial for him would be a Jaconelli play by Scarborough’s other most-famous face, Sir Alan Ayckbourn. Peter Jaconelli , ice cream magnate and councillor, born November 25, 1925; died May 15, 1999

And that was it. Now even knowing Jaconelli can have you branded a child rapist. The Sun captions a photo:

Heath and Jaconelli were photographed together shaking hands at a civic function in Scarborough.

North Yorks Police have now launched a “comprehensive search” into their relationship as part of a historic child sex probe.

They are the sixth force to investigate claims against the Tory veteran. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has also launched its own inquiry.



Cops reckon there were as many as nine other members of the Savile-Jaconelli paedo ring.

A North Yorks Police probe into the pair in 2013 revealed how they drove around in Savile’s pink Rolls-Royce looking for boys to abuse.

Savile rewarded Jaconelli with an appearance on Jim’ll Fix It.

So much has emerged post death. After the then Sir Jimmy Savile died in 2011, Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff TV show invited people to laud the man:

MONDAY PREVIEW: Did Jimmy fix it for you? This weekend saw the passing of TV legend Sir Jimmy Savile. His show Jim’ll Fix It, which ran from 1975 – 1994, made the wishes of hundreds of kids come true- receiving up to 20,000 letters a week. So did you write to Jimmy? What did you ask for?

The truth.


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