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Edward Heath: Myra “Ling Ling” Forde is more trustworthy than everyone in power

by | 12th, August 2015

Edward Heath: a round-up of the claims that the former – now dead – Prime Minister and Tory MP was a child abuser.

The Sun: “Truth about me and Heath”

Me is…

EXCLUSIVE: Brothel madam says ex-PM was gay but no paedo

If you can’t trust a brothel madam named Myra “Ling Ling” Forde to sell a story deep in fact and veracity about a famous dead man to the tabloids, who can you trust? She is news because, as the Telegraph reported:

A retired senior detective from the force came forward last year to allege that his colleagues quietly dropped a trial against twice married Forde in order to protect the reputation of the former Tory leader.

That allegation is now the subject of an Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation, but Wiltshire Police have also appealed for any potential victims of Sir Edward to come forward.

And now she’s arrived to tell her story:

A FORMER brothel madam today tells The Sun how she provided men for ex-PM Sir Edward Heath — but never sent him children.

Well, if she said she sent him minors, wouldn’t she be incriminating herself?

In an exclusive interview Myra “Ling Ling” Forde, 67, calls the late Premier “a lonely gay man who deserves to rest in peace”.

Peace turns out to be not all that peaceful as Myra makes a lot of noise:

Heath paid £500 a time for sessions with male escorts and liked “slim, dark foreign men in their twenties”, says Forde.

Myra, who detonated the child sex scandal which has blackened the name of the late Tory Premier, said she set up four trysts for Sir Edward at London hotels.


Can she prove any of it?

Forde, 67, now a born-again Christian who works voluntarily as a church cleaner, said: “I knew Edward Heath in the early ’90s and provided young men for him. But he was not into sex with children. He was just a very secretive and shy gay man. It was impossible for someone in his position to be openly gay at the time, so he came to me.”


She says:

“He first called me very late at night, after midnight. He said his name was John and had seen the advert for my escort service in the Salisbury Journal. He was quite abrupt and nervous but was very clear what he wanted — a dark-skinned, dark-haired man in his twenties, preferably foreign.

“He said he wanted to meet the escort at a hotel and would pay for his services, the hotel and his travel costs so I fixed him up with a young Spaniard called Enrique.

You out there, Eric?

“Enrique was 21 or 22 then. I had asked to see his passport to check his date of birth so I’m absolutely positive he was no younger.”

So says the woman of whom the Indy writes:

During her 1995 trial at Winchester Crown Court, Ms Forde said that she had become a prostitute after falling behind on her mortgage payments a few years earlier.

She later began recruiting underage girls to work with her at the brothel she ran from her home, known as the Oriental Massage Parlour.

Targeting care homes she taught the girls how to talk to clients on the phone and have sex in front of porn films. She provided them with a price list for their services and put them to work, the court heard.

One 13-year-old girl told authorities that she would go straight from school to sell her body, while a 15-year-old said she once had sex with five men at once. Although she denied the allegations, Forde was found guilty of controlling prostitutes and jailed.

But no underage boys. She had standards, allegedly.

Today she says of the twentysomething prostitute:

“He was paid £500 cash at the hotel and came to me to drop off my 50 per cent share of the money. He said ‘John’ was a very nice elderly man who was surprisingly active in the bedroom — though I don’t know if they had full sex.

“About a month after his first call, ‘John’ rang again after midnight asking me to set up another meeting and seemed pleased when I told him Enrique was available.”

John called for a third time:

“The third time he rang, Enrique wasn’t available. I said I had other foreign guys with the same dark looks and he seemed to like that, so I set him up with one.

“I didn’t know this guy so well, but think he was Greek and a little older than Enrique. So I explained I would have to collect the £500 before I could make the booking.

“John seemed uneasy about this, but eventually said I could come to his house as long as I came to the back door. He came to the door alone, I think in a dressing gown or smoking jacket tied with a cord, and seemed very nervous and anxious for me not to stay long.”

A smoking jacket? Was he wearing a fez and smoking a pipe? Was he dressed caricature of the English gent? Is she sure the man named John wasn’t Sherlock Holmes or Lord Lucan?

“I could see his house was huge and he took me through lots of little rooms down to his wine cellar. He asked me to wait while he fetched the money then turned up with the notes. He was very polite, friendly and well-spoken, but obviously wanted me out of the door.

“I remember thinking he was quite handsome and well-preserved for his age and obviously very well off — and that I might even have fancied him if he’d been straight.”

Hang on! The secretive man who was using a nom-de-shag, invited the brothel keeper to him and then gave her a guided tour?

Days later Forde recognised “John’s” photo in a newspaper. She said: “I was amazed. I phoned Enrique and said, ‘He’s not John — he’s Ted and he was PM!”

The Sun then adds, without any sign of having reviewed its own story:

Around a month later, Forde said she received another midnight call from her cautious VIP client and arranged another escort meeting.

Cautious? The man show shoed her his win cellar was cautious? The man who invited the brothel keeper to his own home was cautious?


He called a fourth time:

“I explained I’d have to come to his house to collect my share of the fee again and he invited me round after midnight like before. He took me down to the cellar again, but this time offered me a glass of red wine while I waited for him to fetch the money.

“When he got back I smiled and pointed at him in a cheeky way and said, ‘You’re not John — you’re Ted’!

“I could see he was uncomfortable, but he just laughed and shrugged his shoulders then put his finger to his lips and said, ‘Shush’.

“That was the last time I saw him and he never called me again.”

She never did Shush. So. Left with no other option and facing exposure most cruel, Ted Heath died.

Forde adds:

“Mr Heath was shy and obviously a very private man but I got the impression mine wasn’t the first escort service he used. I used to get calls from awful men asking for underage sex, but he definitely wasn’t one of them.

“He was specific from the start he wanted men over 21 and under 30 and I was happy to help him as I didn’t see anything wrong with providing that service. He was not a paedophile — he was gay. People should stop blackening his name.

“He was just a lonely gay man who deserves to rest in peace.”

The Sun – finally – looks at its own scoop:

Forde’s claims to have provided male escorts and met Sir Edward at his home cannot be fully corroborated. But his £4.5million mansion does have a wine cellar whose existence is not widely known.

Ted Heath lived at Arundells House. In the 1800s it housed the Godolphin Girls’ school and a boys’ boarding school. You can find more facts in The Arundells souvenir booklet (£4.00). You can taste wine at the grand house. It is the only home of a former British Prime Minister open to the public (he decreed in his will it should be).

Any other evidence? Well, the Mail produces photo of Heath with the now dead MP Cyril Smith. Why?

The Guardian: “Edward Heath abuse claims: allegations received in 2001, says former detective”

A former senior detective has said police received allegations of child sex abuse made against Sir Edward Heath in 2001 – while the former prime minister was still alive.

Why are these people all dead or no longer in the Force?

An alleged victim, a woman, was interviewed by Clive Driscoll…

Driscoll told the Guardian the woman he interviewed said she had been abused as a child by a group of people, including Heath on multiple occasions: “The person was 100% sure they were talking about Ted Heath. She totally believed what she was saying and that’s where the investigation starts, not where it stops.”

He;s not gay? He hates women? He thought she was a man? Her claim is worth repeating because she has evidence to support it?

The woman claimed the abuse happened at a time after Heath had served as prime minister. Driscoll said others made similar abuse allegations, but he was not asked to take statements from them.

Not asked by whom?

Driscoll said he was asked to interview the complainant by a serious sexual offences steering group set up by Scotland Yard to review abuse claims.

He says:

“My guess is…”

We’re now guessing?

“My guess is it was not followed up properly, but I don’t know. The culture at the time would have been not to believe them.”

Any facts?

“We only seem to take it seriously when they are dead. It’s no more than they are working on now, and now we are jumping through hoops.”


The Guardian adds apropos of ‘look at the dead VIP nonce’:

Driscoll was picked for the task of interviewing the complainant, having been moved off a child sex abuse investigation in Lambeth, south London, after unearthing claims a Labour party figure may have been involved.


Time to hear from Chief constable Simon Bailey, national policing lead for child protection:

“It is vital that the police investigate allegations of sexual abuse thoroughly and proportionately, whether the alleged crimes took place last week or many years ago.

“Victims who report abuse by someone who is now dead have the same expectation that their allegations will be taken seriously and that they will have recourse to justice.

“Police also need to determine whether the alleged offender may have worked with others who are still alive and could pose a risk today.”

Or you could just wait until they are dead, dig them them up beat them with truncheons.



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