Anorak News | Eva Carneiro: doctor’s crime was exposing Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho as a ‘cheat’

Eva Carneiro: doctor’s crime was exposing Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho as a ‘cheat’

by | 16th, August 2015

Why was Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho so enraged when Dr Eva Carneiro dashed on to the field of play and treated a writhing Evan Hazard?

Dominic Lawson has an idea, writing in the Sunday Times he says what really irked the bitchy Chelsea boss was not Dr Eva’s womanhood or her decision to place her own moral compass and professionalism ahead of team tactics. Her crime was exposing Mourinho’s plot to stretch the rules:

It looked as if the player concerned was badly hurt but he wasn’t — and Mourinho understood this. Indeed the reason why the rules now state that injured players must be removed from the field of play — so the match can continue — is precisely because so many players were feigning injury to waste time.




Lawson adds:

What Mourinho appeared to be saying was that his medical team were not in on the scam — and it was unforgivable that they did not sufficiently grasp that faking or exaggerating injury is part and parcel of the professional game. In other words, it was their job to spot those rare occasions when the player really was badly injured — and to ignore the referee’s summons when the official might not have realised that this was just play-acting. 

Can players use a secret signal to tell the bench it’s an act? Time, perhaps, for a return to daytime tell Una Stubbs, whose mega TV careeer includes a role as team captain on Gives US a Clue. Move over Dr Eva, there’s a new woman on the Chelsea bench and she’s got a bigger media profile than even you:




Now play along: see if you can spot the fakes in our great collection of football ‘injuries’.

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