Anorak News | Chelsea Balls: tabloids say Mourinho put Eden Hazard’s life at risk

Chelsea Balls: tabloids say Mourinho put Eden Hazard’s life at risk

by | 20th, August 2015

The Sun continues to hammer the spat between Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and club Doctor Eva Cerneiro. And today it gets deadly:

Muamba: Player could die Ex-Bolton star warns Jose over pitch docs

To recap: Eden Hazard, the player Dr Carneiro and Chelsea physio John Fearn dashed on to treat, had not passed out. He was not in his death throes. He was not in a dire state, as Muamba was when the then Bolton player’s heart stopped beating on the Tottenham pitch. The former England Under-21s midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest in March 2012. His heart stopped for 78 minutes.

Hazard was, to quote Mourinho, “tired”.

FABRICE MUAMBA has warned Jose Mourinho one of his players could die if he tries to stop a doctor going on the pitch.

But will he listen? Or will it take a death before this stupid man heeds the warnings?

Muamba’s life was saved by medics when he suffered a heart attack during a game.

Yes. It was. Medics were by the pitch and in the crowd. And it is highly doubtlful Mourinho would have stopped them all reaching the prone player.

The medics who saved Muamba recall what happened.They did not all wait to be waved on. They did not look over for managerial approval. They do not check their hair.

Tottenham club doctor Shabaaz Mughal (SM):

“I was watching the game and saw Fabrice collapse. It didn’t look like from my view that there was anyone around him. No-one had made contact. I immediately felt I had to get on to the pitch and grabbed our resuscitation bags and shouted across to the paramedics, Peter Fisher and Wayne Diesel, our head of medical. He’d already mobilised the paramedics so we ran on to the pitch and Jonathan [Tobin] and I found him face down, with the Bolton physiotherapist Andy Mitchell.”

Tottenham fan Dr Andrew Deaner (AD), consultant cardiologist at London Chest Hospital, ran on to the pitch to help:

“I am a Spurs fan and I was there with my brothers. We were watching and then the game stopped. I noticed that Fabrice Muamba had collapsed and I saw people running on and starting CPR. As soon as I saw that, I turned to my brothers and said ‘I should help’ and they agreed. I managed to persuade one of the stewards, who we know because we sit in the same place, to take me down. Going down, there were two young stewards who didn’t want to know but an older one let me through when I said I’m a cardiologist. I could see they were doing very good CPR. They had the defib ready.”

And these words from Bolton Wanderers club doctor Jonathan Tobin should resonate:

“It wasn’t until 35,000 voices united to start singing Fabrice Muamba’s name that anything from the outside environment penetrated the focus.”

Does anyone sane think Jose Mourinho would have been running about like a tin-pot dictator demanding that all medics leave the pich at once? Well, the Sun seems to think he might have.

Says Muamba:

“Player safety is key, a player’s life is important. Once a player is injured, the doctor and physio both have a duty to come on. That is something that Jose should be able to understand.”

Muamba is now a rep for the PFA. He was talking at the Perform rehab centre in St George’s Park. He did not go there to talk about Mourinho and Chelsea. He fielded a leading question. And the Sun grapped hold of it. Other tabloids slavishly followed the scoop.

The Mail chimes:

Fabrice Muamba: Once a player is injured, the doctor has a duty to come on… Jose Mourinho should be able to understand that

The Standard trills:

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho should understand the importance of player safety, warns Fabrice Muamba

Stop press: he does.


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