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Madeleine McCann: £11m ‘wasted’ and counting

by | 3rd, September 2015

mccann foundMadeleine McCann: a look at the missing child in the news.

The Sun: “Maddie cops in 5-star hotelsEXCLUSIVE: £11m hunt waste”

Waste? How can the search for the child be wasteful?

Tom Wells continues:

COPS heading the hunt for Madeleine McCann stayed in five-star hotels with rooms costing up to £200 a night. They included five luxury resorts where cheaper hotels were available nearer investigation scenes.

Did they really spend £200 a night on rooms, or is that just the peak-season headline price?

The officers were with Operation Grange, which The Sun revealed yesterday has cost £11million, without any arrests. 

And, boy, does the Sun wants arrests. Last year it announced:

First new arrests over Maddie abduction…

Maddie swoop Arrests ‘days away’ in huge cop search…

The Sun now thinks the money spent raking over every detail of the case and the land around Praia Da Luz not well spent.

Last year they took 67 flights to Portugal, costing £16,000.

That just over £238 each. It’s unlikely the cops travelled first class.

In July officers stayed at the £180 a night Ria Park as they quizzed suspects at Faro police station a 20-minute drive away. There are two cheaper four-star hotels five minutes away.



The Sun is clearly upset at what it says is a “waste” of money.

In a The Sun Says addendum it asks:

WHY are cops living in luxury as they hunt for Madeleine?

Because she went missing in a resort town, where people go to get a little spot of glamour? Or is it because the police are feckless pigs who squander tax payer’s money on looking for Our Maddie on the 19th hole of a sun-dappled golf hotel, just as they spent millions hounding Sun journalists over the hacking scandal and subsequent tabloid journalist witch-hunt?

The Sun concludes:

It is no wonder the bill has soared beyond £11million when they are blowing £200 a night on hotels. The Government injected those millions to give police the best chance of finding out what happened to the girl. Not to pay their bills at fancy golf resorts.

What should it cost to solve the mystery?

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