Anorak News | Sajid Javid outs the growing band of liberal, middle-class, worthy and socially acceptable anti-Semites

Sajid Javid outs the growing band of liberal, middle-class, worthy and socially acceptable anti-Semites

by | 8th, September 2015

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UK Business Secretary, Sajid Javid MP, is right. The casual drip-drip dinner table racism is rife.

The rich Jew – all Jews are rich, says the casual bigot. The clever Jew has a plan, says the liberal racist. The hypocritical Jew who supports the ‘Nazi’ Israelis, says the morally pure Left-wing racist – eyes held wide-open in innocence at how a remark designed only to criminalise the living and dishonour the dead could be seen as anything but a benign statement of fact. Jews see the codes. We grew up with them. When others see it, shout about it.

Vote Javid. He gets it.

But we also need to tackle the root of the problem, the often violent extremism that is on the rise around the world. And I’m not just talking about the butchers of ISIL or Al Qaeda, thousands of miles away in foreign lands. There’s plenty of intolerance much closer to home, intolerance that is disproportionately directed at the Jewish community. Some is explicit. The hate preachers, the extremist mosques, the far-Right groups.

“Some is more oblique. A search on Google produces more than half a million hits for ‘Holocaust Hoax’. Thousands more pages will tell you that a greedy Otto Frank forged his daughter’s diary in a cunning scheme to make money. Then there are the ‘dinner party anti-Semites’. Respectable, middle-class people who would recoil in horror if you accused them of racism, but are quite happy to repeat modern takes on age-old myths and slanders about Jews. Who can’t condemn the murder of Jewish children in France without a caveat criticising the Israeli government. Who demand that a Jewish American artist sign a declaration of support for Palestine if he wants to perform at a festival in Spain.

“I can’t remember the last time I spoke to a Jewish friend or colleague who hasn’t, at some point, found themselves sitting awkwardly at a dinner party while a fellow guest railed against the international ‘Kosher Conspiracy’.

“Together, these attitudes create a climate in which anti-Semitism is seen as ‘less bad’ than other forms of discrimination. And in that climate, the most violent extremism can take root and it can thrive. It happened, therefore it can happen again.”

Anti-semitism is now the only acceptable racism. The knowing and educated spout it in the confidence that no-one will ridicule them and reach across the dinner table and smack them in the face.


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