Anorak News | Anti-Semitism: Jewish teenager nearly beaten to death in Manchester

Anti-Semitism: Jewish teenager nearly beaten to death in Manchester

by | 8th, September 2015

moshe-furstThis is a dangerous time to be a Jew in Europe. Moshe Fuerst, 17, from Prestwich, suffered a fractured skull when he and three friends were attacked at Manchester’s Bowker Vale Metrolink station. Moshe is an Orthodox Jew. So too are the three friends with whom he was travelling.

Three men set upon them.

Michael Fuerst says of his son:

“My son was knocked out with one punch to the face. He went down and then he was kicked in the head. He suffered a bleed to the brain. He was intubated at North Manchester General Hospital and then put in an ambulance and taken to the neurosurgery specialist centre at Salford Royal. A soon as he arrived there he was operated on. At Crumpsall (North Manchester General) he was already slipping into a coma. I believe these men killed my son and the NHS brought him back to life…

“Moshe and his friends are good boys. They would never go looking for trouble. They had been to the Printworks to see a film… I do not believe these lads were neo-Nazis looking for Jews to beat up. But the fact that the boys are Jewish fuelled the attack in my opinion. There is an attitude amongst some people that Jewish blood is cheap, and maybe they deserve it.”

Before and after Islamophobia and the obsessive hatred of Israel, anti-Semitism will exist. It is now acceptable for anyone across the political spectrum to hate the Jews. The most ardent racism is ingrained on the Left.

And it’s growing.

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