Anorak News | Eunice Spry: ‘most evil’ women in the country beats Rose West and thanks Jehovah

Eunice Spry: ‘most evil’ women in the country beats Rose West and thanks Jehovah

by | 13th, September 2015

eunice spryThe Sun loves a league table. Today we learn that the “UK’s most evil mum” is Eunice Spry, a hideous woman who tortured foster children in her care. Spry, the paper adds, is also “BRITAIN’S most sadistic mum”.

Spry’s in the news because she’s been spotted ‘enjoying’ a trip to the shops. Having served half her 14-year prison term for her depraved crimes, “Jehovah’s Witness Spry, 71” was out in “a blue overcoat, thick glasses and dyed hair”.

What her belief has to do with her crimes might cause readers to wonder. Mass murderer Harold Shipman was never “Christian Harold Shipman”, Fred West was not “baptized Christian Fred West” and we never got to know about terrifying paedophile Sydney Cook’s spiritual leanings, much less his sense of fashion.

Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review of Eunice Spry includes only one mention of her beliefs:

Mrs Spry’s first application to become a foster parent in 1983/4 was declined because she was a Jehovah’s Witness and it was felt that this lifestyle would not accommodate being a foster parent. These objections were removed and she was approved as a local authority foster carer from 1885 until 1994.

You might read that and the Sun’s comment and conclude that being a Jehovah’s Witness is not conducive to being a good carer.

The Sun adds:

Sources say Spry has since moved from the Birmingham hostel and been rehoused in the Midlands. She has been travelling on buses and worshipping with Jehovah’s Witnesses unaware of her crimes.

A repugnant woman is living in a bail hostel. As for Spry being the most evil woman in the country, well, serial rapist, mass murderer and not-a-Jehovah’s Witness Rose West might be pleased with her demotion?

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