Anorak News | Chelsea: Mourinho bans banter but everyone else is laughing

Chelsea: Mourinho bans banter but everyone else is laughing

by | 15th, September 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 09.08.26How can Chelsea get their season back on track? The Telegraph knows. It says Jose Mourinho and his players have banned “all banter“.

The punishment for making a joke or  – god forbid – making someone laugh is not stated, but insiders have not ruled out a stint of quiet time in Jose’s laundry basket.

In the wrong hands, banter can be just a chance to insult and ridicule someone. And when does banter become irritating? Was Mourinho bantering when he compared Dr Eva Carneiro to a secretary? Was it classic bantz to yell “fucking hell” when Mourinho was told to attend press conference post Everton defeat? Is Branislav Ivanovic a walking banteriser or is he more slapstick?

Much to talk about in sombre tones at Stamford Bridge – although players with a more absurdist sense of humour will be pointing at the Telegraph’s balls and laughing hard.

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