Anorak News | Arsenal balls: who is the ‘star’ player happy to leave Chelsea and join the Gunners?

Arsenal balls: who is the ‘star’ player happy to leave Chelsea and join the Gunners?

by | 15th, September 2015

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In “Arsenal star: Leaving Chelsea to join Gunners was ‘happiest day of my life‘”, Daily Express readers meet,well, who? Who is the Arsenal “star” who left Chelsea?

A look through the current Arsenal first team squad reveals that a single one of them has ever played for Chelsea. That’s Petr Cech. Was it the happiest day of the Chelsea great’s life when he left the Blues to join Arsenal? 


The “star” is Edward Nketiah? And this words were not told to the Express, but to – which the paper does not cite as its source.


The 16-year-old, who can play across the front line, was snapped up by the Blues seven years ago when he was playing for his old Sunday team Hillyfielders. But the diminutive striker left Stamford Bridge in the summer after failing to earn a scholarship for the season and joined Arsenal just two days later.

The paper’s monumental balls is compounded by Edward’s own words:

 “The day Arsenal showed they were interested in me was one of the happiest days I can remember. It wasn’t only because I’ve always been an Arsenal fan, but two days earlier I was told that I would be released by Chelsea and not given a scholarship for this season.”

Teenager rejected by one club happy to be picked by another.

“I was so down, but then Arsenal found out I was available, contacted my family and invited me to train. Within a week I was told that I would be offered a scholarship.I think it is important to bounce back quickly from disappointment and Arsenal gave me the opportunity to do that.”

Or as the Express might put it: “Chelsea star delighted to join Arsenal .”

And, no, it’s not about Petr Cech.

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