Anorak News | Lisa Borch: sexualising the underage, evil, blonde, angelic killer

Lisa Borch: sexualising the underage, evil, blonde, angelic killer

by | 16th, September 2015

borch-2Lisa Borch, 15, and Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, 29, murdered the teenager’s mother Tina Holtegaard at the family home in rural Denmark.  Abdullah, who met Borch at the a refugee centre near to her home, will serve 13 years before being deported. She’s been sentenced to nine years prison.

Borch’s stepfather tells Danish tab newspaper Ekstra Bladet:

“She is likely to develop into a very dangerous person in prison. She needs help and professional treatment. But there is, unfortunately, no prospect for that.”

Borch’s first boyfriend was from the same refugee centre. He left her for his wife and children in Sweden. Borch’s step-father refers to him in comments he made to Denmark’s BT paper:

“There is no doubt that she was in very bad company when she began to hang out with him. He affected her negatively. It was when she was with him, that she began to take an interest in IS (Isil). He has somehow radicalised her, and I think that’s where you have to find a large part of the explanation of why we are where we are today.”

The Sun says it’s too late, branding Borch ‘evil’:

Evil Lisa Borch, 15, knifed Tina Holtegaard 20 times after spending hours watching sick footage of Jihadi John kill David Haines and Alan Henning with her Iraqi refugee boyfriend Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla.

Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla,The Mirror emphasises the British angle:

The ISIS-obsessed 15-year-old girl murdered her mum with kitchen knife after watching Jihadi John behead British hostages online.

Why persist in calling a killer by a pet name? Three times the Mirror refers to ‘Jihadi John’ –  not once using his actual name: Mohammed Emwazi.

The Independent looks at a different angle:

Lisa’s twin sister told the court she had previously moved out of the family house due to the constant arguing between Borch and her mother.

The court heard it was “the endless rowing which cost the mother her life” and that the majority of their arguments concerned Borch and Abdullah’s relationship.

Over in the Daily Mail, the key fact about Borch is not her young age, her apparent ‘evil’, her older lover nor her habit of watching snuff movies; it’s the fact she’s the “blonde”.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 03.23.00


Is the shock that a blonde can be a murderer? Isn’t calling a 15-year-old “the blonde” sexualising her? The Telegraph says she’s but a “girl”.

In the Edmonton Sun, there’s more on that theme:

Angel-faced teen murders mom

Because angels are blonde and blue-eyed right?

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