Anorak News | Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp is ‘waiting for Bayern Munich’ who aren’t waiting for him

Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp is ‘waiting for Bayern Munich’ who aren’t waiting for him

by | 17th, September 2015

Jurgen Klopp would be a good fit for Liverpool. But the Daily Mail says the German is “ready to snub Premier League to replace Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich”. To which you have to wonder, are Bayern Munich ready for Klopp, who managed rivals Borussia Dortmund and has stated a desire to look for a “project“.

Sami Mokbel has the news for Daily Mail readers:

Jurgen Klopp wants to ascertain his chances of landing the Bayern Munich job before considering a switch to England.

Says who?

Sources claim Klopp is actively plotting his next move and is keeping his options open knowing the managerial landscape will change over the weeks and months of the season.

How can he actively plot anything in the knowledge things change? Is Mokbel seriously suggesting Bayern will sack Guardiola – and that the Spaniard will be sacked before the Liverpool board calls time on Brendan Rodgers time at Anfield?

But it is understood Klopp is keen to discover where he stands in Bayern’s list of potential replacements for Pep Guardiola before making a decision on his future.

Go that? If Klopp is at, say, number, 3 on that list, say, will he sit tight and wait? What about number 2, or number 9 or number 312? What is his plot?

Mokbel than gets to the only fact of his entire article:

Guardiola’s long-term future is unclear with his contract due to expire at the end of the season.

PS: Back in April 2015, Franz Beckenbauer, Bayern’s honorary president told Sky Germany:

“Of course I could imagine Klopp as Guardiola’s successor. When I was president, we often talked about Klopp and believe he would fit very well at Bayern. Klopp is definitely an option at Bayern. The question is, how long Guardiola will be in Munich. I hope for a long time, but Klopp would be considered….

“I can’t imagine Guardiola would leave in 2016. He likes Munich. He has had success with the team and he knows that he can succeed in the future. He has everything he wants.”

To which Klopp said: “I couldn’t care less what is said about me.”




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